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UK Antique & café “THE GLOBE ANTIQUES”

Text:Risa Yokogi
Translation:Yuzuka Kawaguchi
Photo: Sayuri Murooka
Hair&Make-up: YURU
Model: Zola Williams

カフェとヨーロッパアンティークのお店“THE GLOBE ANTIQUES”

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今年で24周年目を迎える“THE GLOBE ANTIQUES”。 3年前に一部改装をし、全部で4フロアからなる館内には数え切れないほどのアンティークやビンテージ物のインテリア商品が独特の世界観を作り出している。





これらの商品の大半はお店のスタッフがヨーロッパで買い付けてきたもの。年に多くて3,4回ヨーロッパへ向かい、一つ一つの家具を実際に見て選んだものが“THE GLOBE ANTIQUES”の店頭へ並ぶ。そんな店内はレイアウト変更が幾度も行われ、訪れる度に違った空間が作り出される。






〒154-0001 東京都世田谷区池尻2-7-8

Open [Shop, Cafe]  11:00~19:30
Last Order [Cafe]  19:00 (Food&Drink)

This year, “THE GLOBE ANTIQUES” commemorated its 24 anniversary. Three years ago, they renovated part of the store. There are so many antique or vintage furniture in their four-floor-store and they are creating its own distinctive world.

When you step into the entrance on the ground floor, you will first see a number of chandeliers. The floor has a café and you can enjoy and relax with a lot of antique furniture. All of the original handmade cakes look delicious and the decorated dishes are very popular among female customers. The store offers new way of shopping because the chairs used in the café are also for sale, so you can try them out while eating.

When you go upstairs, there are lights and chandeliers on all over the ceiling. Their warm lights and unique designs capture adult women’s hearts. Besides, they sell chairs, dishes and ramps and so on.

When you go through the first floor and down to the underground, there are so many industrial-designed antique furniture. Doorknobs on the right side of the entrance, frames propped against here and there. The floor is especially popular among male customers because there are so many DIY tools. You will sure be fascinated by a series of interior goods that resemble something out of a detective film in the 19 century.

When you enter the annex at the back of the main building, you will see a dream world. There are cute objects and sundry goods as well as fashion items on this floor and these are creating different vibes from the main building. There are so many cross-genre treasures such as resinated antique bracelet, Coquecigrues curtain from France and birdcage.

Most of them are bought by its shop staffs. They visit Europe at most 3-4 times a year and select carefully for “THE GLOBE ANTIQUES”. They constantly change its layouts so you will feel different vibes every time you visit.

Why not chill and relax at the café with a plenty of wonderful antique furniture?




〒154-0001 2-7-8 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
(10-minute-walk from “Sangenjaya Station” or “Ikejiri-Ohashi Staion” Tokyu Denentoshi Line)

Open [Shop, Cafe]  11:00~19:30
Last Order [Cafe]  19:00 (Food&Drink)


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