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Shiori Ota Photo Show “Giant Pink Star” Pre-show Interview


 Text: Fuko Matsumoto

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Woolyでもフォトグラファーとして活躍している大田詩織が、KKAGで6月30日から7月15日まで初個展となる「Giant Pink Star」写真展を開催する。展示が始まる前に、彼女の製作プロセスやインスピレーションについて短いインタビューを行った。

3D graphic design: Natsumi Umehara






スタイリストのKume Yunaさんが、ものすごく時間をかけて、キャスティングやタイトル決めに、協力してくれました。「Giant Pink Star」というタイトルも元々、彼女の発想です。自分自身の心地よい場所をみつけて、その地面に座り込んでる空気感が表されていてホントにピッタリのタイトルなんです。とても長い時間が必要でしたが、結果的に全てをちゃんと詰め込むことができて、その過程も凄く楽しかったです。観客が心地よく安全な気持ちを感じられる空間を作ろうとしました。




大田詩織写真展「Giant Pink Star」




会場:KKAG(Kiyoyuki Kuwabara Accounting Gallery)



Photographer Shiori Ota, who we’ve had as a contributing photographer on Wooly, will be having her first solo show “Giant Pink Star” from June 30th to July 15th at KKAG. 

We had a short pre-show interview with her asking about her creative process and inspirations when creating a piece of work.

3D graphic design: Natsumi Umehara

What is your creative process? Where do you get your inspiration? 

It can be anything really, but for me, most of the time I get inspiration from my daily life and experience I had. Even things that are stressing me out can be the one, and I believe that makes your work very original.


How do you build upon a concept and bring your own touch to it? 

Talking about this exhibition particularly, I started from the idea of emotion I wanted to feel from the artwork of this project. The stylist, Yuna Kume, devoted her time and effort to help me choose the cast and exhibition title. The name of “Giant Pink Star” was originally her idea. The title sounded like it shows the atmosphere of getting comfortable in one’s own space and sitting tight on the ground, so it was a perfect fit. I think all I tried to create was the emotion that they can feel comfortable and safe.


Do you have any special ways when directing a model? How do you connect with them in order to achieve a certain mood or feeling you want to convey through your photographs? 

I don’t have special ways for directing models while shooting, but of course the more I have time to communicate and get to know the person, the better and easier, as you can imagine. When I have a specific theme or story for the shoot I explain and share it with all my team so that they can also share their ideas, but I don’t tell the models too much on how I want them to pose. I like to go with the flow. 

Shiori Ota Photography show “Giant Pink Star” 

Date: June 30 (Friday), 2023 – July 15 (Saturday) 

 15:00–21:00 (Close at 18:00 on last day) 

 ※ Gallery closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays 

Location: KKAG(Kiyoyuki Kuwabara Accounting Gallery)

 Free entrance