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Microbe et Gasoil

text&translation Yuzuka Kawaguchi

『エターナル・サンシャイン』、『ムード・インディゴ うたかたの日々』などで知られるミシェル・ゴンドリー監督最新作、『グッバイ、サマー』

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2015年/フランス/104分/DCP/原題:Microbe et Gasoil 日本語字幕:星加久実
提供:シネマライズ+トランスフォーマー 配給:トランスフォーマー 宣伝:ミラクルヴォイス


“Microbe et Gasoil”-the newest film by Michel Gondry who is known for “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” or “Mood Indigo”


14 years old, the age between adulthood and childhood. Daniel, who is aiming to become a painter has much on his mind. Even though he is already a junior high school student, he looks like a girl and is called Microbe (tiny). He is giving heart to Laura in his class, but she couldn’t care less. To add insult to injury his mother is very protective and his brother is obsessed with punk. Nobody understand who he really is…
One day, he met a new classmate who has his distinctive world. His name is Theo. He likes to draw attention to himself and bike through with a weird bicycle he remodeled himself. Due to his family business, he always reeks of gasoline. Two boys, that are set off from their peers eventually got along with each other well and became best friend. School, family, friends and everyone try to control them. In order to escape from this uncomfortable and boring life, they have come up with a “plan”. That is, to go on a trip in a summer vacation with a “dream car” made of scraps.


Two 14-year-old boys having trouble making friends go on a trip across France during summer with their handmade car. However, the trip will not last forever and so in the end they have to face the reality…The movie is seasonally appropriate because the hot and humid weather that seemed to continue forever is coming to an end and everyone have to go back to school and work. Michel Gondry, the director of this movie is well known for being good at creating artistic movies and the screen image itself is worth watching. It is also worth paying attention to Audrey Tautou, the French actress who is well known for her lead role in the film “Amelie”. Why don’t you top off this summer with the two leading character Microbe (Daniel) and Gasoil (Theo) and the alluring image by Michel Gondry?


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