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Meet with Sayna Fardaraghi

Text: Mao Tanaka

友人と3週間ほどで作ったショートフィルム『L’Observateur』が、SNSで話題となったロンドン拠点の映画プロデューサーSayna Fardaraghiを紹介。
A filmmaker, Sayna Fardaraghi. Her short film “L’Observateur”, which she made with her friends in about three weeks went viral on social media.


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他にも、彼女のYouTubeにアップロードされた『back to the camera/front facing shots in film』では、約50の映画作品のショートクリップがつなぎ合わされている。まさに、映画好きによる映画好きのための作品だ。










■Sayna Fardaraghi
L’Observateur( )
back to the camera/front facing shots in film ( )

Sayna, who is pretty well-known among movie lovers is a huge fan of Wes Anderson.

As a matter of fact, her work “L’Observateur” has one scene from one of Wes Anderson’s movies “Moonrise Kingdom”.

This article introduces Sayna who makes work that film buffs and Wes Anderson’s fans absolutely love.

Inspired by what she realized she has in common with strangers on the trains during her commute to university, “L’Observateur” is characteristic of French-ish color usage and editing that reminds you of “Moonrise Kingdom”.



For example, the iconic binocular in “Moonrise Kingdom” is used in L’Observateur too. In this movie, whose theme is people-watching, we look into the world of the main character through her binocular. This setting is very Sayna in that she loves Wes Anderson.

Through the binocular we see a normal day, flowers in the park, a man talking on the phone sitting at the station, and children playing on the sand.

In “L’Observateur”, however, the sunlight and music make those things in our daily lives look more beautiful. Also, the scene through the binocular brings us back the sense of adventure we used to have as kids.


Have you ever listened to what people are talking about when you are waiting for the next train, or when you walk by them at the park?

Have you ever wondered who people are meeting up with when you see them at the station or at the park?

Do you ever stop looking at the screen full of numbers and letters, and have time to really, really think about what surrounds you whether it might be people or materials?

Modern society is flooded with information, and consumes most of them just in a blink of an eye.


I believe that through “L’Observateur”, Sayna is trying to convey a message that asks us to look towards the beauty of normal life we live in a little more than we usually do.

Other than the short film, she has uploaded a short video clip titled “back to the camera/front facing shots in film”, in which she put one scene from about 50 different movies together. This is the work for movie lovers by the movie lover.

Videos and music used in the clip match so perfectly that you would assume that they are made for this clip. Even though Sayna is a movie lover, the work which instantly puts you in her world reveals her talent as a filmmaker.

In April, she released her new work “WAITING”. The movie is about waiting and how with time things will pay off and come to you naturally.



Everyone in the film seems to be waiting for something just like we are waiting for this pandemic to be over. At the end of the film, the waiting comes to an end with nature. It reflects what is happening in the world, which happens to be COVID-19, and people waiting to get out of isolation. Just like her work it will eventually come to an end, but maybe this might be the best time for us to watch her work while we are still waiting.



Sayna is now interning at Dazed, a british fashion/culture magazine, as well as studying film.

Keep an eye out for Sayna Fardaraghi. As a filmmaker, she will continue to grow bigger. You can watch some of her work on Youtube if you are interested.

■Sayna Fardaraghi
L’Observateur( )
back to the camera/front facing shots in film ( )