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Stay Home × Movie vol.3

Text: Natane Chacon
Translation: Mao Tanaka


そこで今回はUPLINK Cloudでのおすすめ作品を紹介します、紹介者はモデルで大の映画好きのLee Yokoさん。




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配信先:UPLINK Cloud・amazon prime・ u-next



Lee Yoko



Suzhou River
Directed by Lou Ye. All sorts of emotions lingering in the heated air-that’s what Lou Ye’s movies often make you feel. Cruel love and transparent scars that confuse dreams and the reality of the youth eventually become unsolicited melancholy. I like all Lou’s movies, but I would definitely recommend Suzhou River as your entrance to his world.

Available in : UPLINK Cloud/ amazon prime/ u-next・Tsutaya



La danza de la realidad
Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky Prullansky. La danza de la realidad is his autobiography. Reality dwells in seemingly spooky scenes of the movie. Lust in boy hood, confusion in middle age, realization and question about the world… a lot of feelings that he has experienced with blood and meat are depicted with exquisitely poetic metaphor and dazzling imagination that submerges in his subconscious.

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Bright Future
The mood between two guys who work at a wet towel factory and the shaking camera footage… it’s a kooky movie in many ways, but you will somehow find yourself sucked in the world of the movie. My favourite scene is where Joe Odagiri stares at a jellyfish tank. He appeared in my dreams for the next few days after I watched the movie.

Available: UPLINK Cloud/ amazon prime/ u-next/ tsutaya



A film by Harry Dean Stanton. It is a perfect timing to watch this movie. This is about an atheist 90 year old man who lives a slow life in the countryside and his confrontation with death. Even if we eventually realize that the essence of life is void, we can still have a neatly balanced life. Human beings are a strong being.

Available: UPLINK Cloud/ amazon prime/ u-next/ tsutaya/ Netflix



Visages Villages
This documentary film taught me that you can encounter a miracle as long as you are alive. A 90 year old Agnès Varda and a photograph who looks like a young Godard go on a trip. No purpose, nothing specific to do, no one specific to see, but somehow it gives you excitement and touching feelings. Maybe the trick to gracefully aging is to not stop creating and thinking, and to keep a balance with the nature.

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Lee Yoko
Born in China, Based in Tokyo since 2014. After graduating from Tokyo University of The Art, she started her career as a model.