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Interview with the director of Badlands 777

Text/Translation/Photo:Yuka Shimayoshi

女性による女性のためのインディペンデントマガジン『Badlands 777』の3号目が発売された。日本での発売に合わせクリエイティブディレクターのクロエとジェイドが来日し、リリースパーティーを開催。
Issue #3 of Badlands 777, the independent magazine for girls and by girls is coming out now. Chloe and Jade Lamb, the Creative Directors came to Tokyo on distribution of the new issue and held a release party.
Wooly interviewed with them and asked about their magazines and celebrating women.
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Badlands 777はどのように始まったのか教えてください。








どうして最新号のコンセプトを、”Wake up. We’ve arrived. We’re changing the world.”(「目覚めよ。我々は到着した。我々が世界を変えているのだ。」)というものにしたのですか?

Badlands 777のクリエイティブディレクターのひとり、ジェイドがViv Albertineの伝記『Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.』を読んでいたら、この特徴的な言葉があった。私たちはこれに大きく影響されて、この言葉が私たちが作り上げていた第3号の内容に完璧に関連性があること、いま動いているものが社会的・政治的・独創的に達成されるようにとてもしっかりと熟考することで意見が一致したわ。Vivに連絡して彼女にこれを使ってもいいか尋ねたら、幸運なことに同意してくれた。


Marginal Pressのユミコ(大智由実子さん)が私たちの雑誌を東京で売りたいと思って連絡してくれたの。共通の友達であるヴァレリー・フィリップスがかなり助けてくれたんだと思う。私たちはずっと日本のユース・カルチャーに魅了されてきたし、東京、日本が大好き。




Badlands 777の精神に忠実になると、あんまり将来的な計画はない。私たちをインスパイアするものを日々、週ごとに、記録していきたいと思ってる。唯一確信していることは、これからもアートを介して女性たちを祝福していくこと。

Badlands 777
Chloe LambとJade Lamb、Lilli-Rose Baileyの3人組によるロンドン発のガールズマガジン。待望の3号目には日本からフォトグラファーの茂木モニカが参加し、Yuki Beniyaや水原佑果を撮り下ろしている。他にもArvida BystormやDafy Hagai、Richard Kernといったフォトグラファーが参加。SKINNY GIRL DIETやWarpaint、Wolf AliceのEllie RowsellといったアーティストやファッションデザイナーのPam Hoggらをフィーチャーしている。

Please tell us how you got around to start up Badlands 777.

With the intention of working on something creative as a three, we decided to start a blog in 2010. Soon after, we began selling vintage clothing, which led to us eventually designing our own line of clothing and jewelry as cool vintage clothing became increasingly difficult to source in the UK. With ideas to start a zine, which rapidly evolved into a magazine, we ultimately decided to make this our sole focus.

Why do you feature on girls?

Women are far too often overlooked, within any industry, and, for some nonsensical reason, are still living by an alternative set of rules to men. As women, who sincerely appreciate and admire the work of other women, we strive to play a role in celebrating their talents.

Could you give us some insight of how you choose people to appear in Badlands 777?

There are people whose work we have long admired, therefore contact them to see if they would be interested in contributing to our magazine. Some are brought to our attention through Instagram, articles, books, exhibitions or friends, whilst many email their submissions to us. As we are an independent publication, we have total creative control of the content, allowing us to print only the work we choose to celebrate.

We heard that Monika Mogi participated in the new issue. Please tell us the story about how you came to work with her.

We have been following and fans of Monika’s work for a long time. We approached her through Instagram to see if she wanted to collaborate with the magazine and she was keen. Monika is one of our favourite photographers so we are beyond happy to have her work in this issue.

Why did you set the concept of the new issue, “Wake up. We’ve arrived. We’re changing the world.”?

Jade, one of the Creative Directors of Badlands 777 magazine, was reading Viv Albertine’s biography, “Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.” in which the phrase is featured. It had a profound impact on us, and we agreed it was flawlessly relevant in regards to what we were building the content of Issue #3 around and just reflected so accurately what is currently working to be achieved, socially, politically, and creatively. We contacted Viv and asked her if she would allow us to use it, and, fortunately, she agreed.

Why did you choose Tokyo as one of the distribution area?

We was contacted by the amazing Yumiko at Marginal Press who wanted to distribute our magazine in Tokyo. I think our mutual friend Valerie Phillips helped out a lot. We’ve always been fascinated by Japanese youth culture, we love Tokyo/Japan.

Where do your inspirations come from?

All kinds of places. Photography, music, fashion, film, art, social and political issues, women, friends, London, characters, Instagram, books, other magazines – the list is infinite.

What is the future vision of the magazine?

True to Badlands 777 ethos, there really isn’t that much future planning. We like to document what inspires us day to day week to week. The only future definite is to carry on celebrating females within the arts.

Badlands 777
London-based girls magazine by Chloe Lamb, Jade Lamb and Lilli-Rose Bailey. On Issue #3, Monika Mogi shot Yuki Beniya and Yuka Mizuhara from Japan. The popular photographers Arvida Bystrom, Dafy Hagai and Richard Kern contributed as well. SKINNY GIRL DIET, Warpaint, Ellie Rowsell from Wolf Alice, or Pam Hogg are featured.