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01/24/2018 MUSIC

Maylee Todd shares her impactful world of music and new experiences

「INTERVIEW」カナダの歌姫 Maylee Toddがニューアルバム『ACTS OF LOVE』をひっさげ、約4年ぶりに来日!以前の作風とは異なる、クリアーで硬質なサウンドが堪能できる今作の制作秘話や世界中で注目を集める彼女のエネルギッシュなパフォーマンスについて語ってくれた。Canadian musician and conceptual performance artist Maylee Todd is coming back to Tokyo after 4 years this February! This time promoting her newly released album “ACTS OF LOVE”! Wooly had a talk with her about the stories behind her new album which with its ...
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