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Text: Sawa Kamishima
Translation: Yoshiki Tainaka
Photography: Fumio Kinoshita

様々なカルチャーのプロフェッショナルたちが福岡のホットなアートシーンをお届けしたエキシビジョン『the finders 2019』
During “the finders 2019”, professionals from different culture represented the hot art scene in Fukuoka.
In Fukuoka City Science Museum, the exhibition of photos and movies by young photographers selected from the public was held.


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the finders2019実行委員



▪️審査員長 ハービー・山口氏賞


田中政成( Fukuoka )

▪️審査員 池谷修一氏賞


藤重廉 ( Fukuoka )

▪️審査員 南原尚幸氏賞


関竜太 ( Tokyo )

▪️審査員 石渡健文氏賞


1981年生まれ / 兵庫県出身。2005年多摩美術大学美術学部を卒業。同年、多摩美術大学 副手2009年多摩美術大学 助手を務める。傍ら、東京を中心に数多くの個展を開催している。2009年キャノン写真新世紀 佳作受賞。

[night works / polaris / apllo / display]-PHOTO EXHIBITION by Yusuke Tsuchida

▪️the finders2019 実行委員賞

「Nameless Mountain」


HIGASHIKARA (ハービー・山口氏賞)
向井貴也 (池谷修一氏賞)
中西ゆき乃  (南原尚幸氏賞)
渋谷裕理  (the finders2019実行委員賞)
トコナミレイナ  (the finders2019実行委員賞)

Now, a certain era is ending.
Our photo album of “Heisei” is nearly going over.
Cutouts of scenes through their finders tell us passage of time that each of them felt.

【the juries】

Herbie Yamaguchi – Jury president

Shuichi Ikeya (Editorial staff of ASAHI CAMERA)
Naoyuki Nambara (manager of Ropponmatsu TSUTAYA bookstore)
Takafumi Ishiwatari (board director of Magazine House, publisher of POPEYE, Casa BRUTUS )
Executive committee of the finders 2019

Gold Prizes are especially shown with pictures here.

《Gold Prize》

▪️Jury president – Herbie Yamaguchi prize

“Hakata pop culture living in Heisei”

Tanaka Masanari (Fukuoka)
Born in 1993, from Kurume-shi, based in Ropponmatsu, Fukuoka city.
He regularly organizes pop up events such as a photo exhibition “Fragramce,” lether workshop, T-shirt exhibitions and so on. On 16th Feb, He collaborated with Kurume University and held a street gallery on the theme “hang out in Kurume.”
Equipment: Sonya7lll、CanonAutoboytele

▪️Jury Shuichi Ikeya prize

“One of blooms of youth” “Halloween” “Heisei 20”

Ren Fujishige (Fukuoka)
Born in 1994, from Yamaguchi. He started to take photographs as a continuation of his hobby dance when in his junior. After that he moved to Fukuoka, and captures emotional moments of daily life with his film camera.

▪️Jury Naoyuki Nambara prize

”A picture of a Taiwanese taken by a Japanese”

Ryuta Seki (Tokyo)
After working at Shoto Studio, he has assisted ph. Takashi Kumagaya. He became a photographer at mpx, a publishing company in Taiwan in 2013. He has worked as a freelance photographer of portrait, travel photos, fashion snaps and so on since he got back to Japan in 2015.

▪️Jury Takafumi Ishiwatari prize


Yusuke Tsuchida
Born in 1981, from Hyogo. Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of art and started working as a junior assistant at the university in 2005. He was promoted and has worked as an assistant since 2009. He has also held many personal exhibitions based in Tokyo. He received an honorable mention at Canon New Cosmos of Photography.

[night works / polaris / apllo / display]-PHOTO EXHIBITION by Yusuke Tsuchida

▪️the finders2019 executive committee prize

”Nameless Mountain”

Atsushi Tanno
Born in 1974, from Fukuoka. Shocked by punk rock, he started playing in a band in his mid teens. After that, He also did DJ, and had been active in musical field as a guitarist. He started riding a bike and got a compact camera to take sceneries during the ride in 2000. It attracted him to the world of photography and made his way of expression from music to photography.

《Silver Prize》
HIGASHIKARA (Herbie Yamaguchi prize)
Takaya Mukai (Shuichi Ikeya prize)
Yukino Nakanishi  (Naoyuki Nambara prize)
Yuri Ikeya  (the finders2019executive committee prize)
《Bronze Prize》
Reina Tokonami  (the finders2019 committee prize)