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London, where people get together

Text/Translation:Yuka Shimayoshi
Photo: Yuka Shimayoshi
Editor:Eri Machida

A bit different way to explore a cultural area in the East End, London.



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Alternative London」が主催するツアーは大好評で、毎週末多くの人が参加している。2時間弱のウォーキングツアー(英・仏のみ)では、自身もアーティストとして活躍するガイドが歴史的・文化的背景も含めて解説してくれる。グラフィティだけでなく、オブジェやステッカー、タイルアートなど、様々なストリートアートを発見できるだろう。ほかにも自転車に乗って街を散策するバイク・ツアーやワークショップも開催されているので、ぜひウェブサイトをチェックしてみてほしい。



※Alternative London

数多くのユニークなロンドンのストリートアートツアーやワークショップなどを企画し、提供している。詳しくはweb siteをチェック!
Alternative London

One of the best ways to spend time in London is obviously visiting many museums such as The National Gallery, The Tate Modern and so on. However, art is not only available in the museums or the galleries. The colourful street art can be found everywhere in the East End, including Brick Lane and Shoreditch, which is known for its cultural community with stylish vintage shops and cafes.

Many artists who avoided the high rent in the city centre gradually moved to this area where a large number of immigrants lived and was known as an insecure neighbourhood. It’s getting touristy and there is much confusion at the markets on weekends, but the street art is still updated day by day.

Graffiti painters prove themselves by drawing over others’ works, so it’s often possible that you can’t see the artwork you’ve found yesterday. These graffiti pieces are originally regarded as a criminal behaviour except some commissioned works. Though of course it’s one way to explore the town and find your favourite art by yourself, the best way to understand and enjoy the street art is to become informed about social messages of the works.

The various tours hosted by Alternative London get a really good reputation among tourists. During the two-hour walking tour (only available in English and French), the guides who also work as street artists or are involved in the creative community show you an incredibly deep knowledge including the historical and cultural backgrounds. You’ll be able to find a huge range of amazing artworks there. Please check their website for the detailed information!

If you don’t like the overcrowded atmosphere, it would be nice to hang around there on weekdays. There is a livelihood of locals and artists, an actual value to the community.

This is the gallery on streets where you can always find something new.

※Alternative London

They plan and offer unique street art tours and workshops in London. For details, check the web site!
Alternative London