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Maika Loubte “Little Adventure Diaries”

Text:Nao Kitamura
Translation:Mika Otsuki

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Wooly Vol.25で特集したマイカ・ルブテの最新MVが届いた。

今回は、かねてからの友人であるモデル・中川えりな、フォトグラファー・Yukari Shinomiyaと共に出た旅のドキュメンタリーをシネマテイストで仕上げている。
舞台である東京都檜原村は、都心から1時間半でアクセスできる、緑豊かなヒーリングスポットだ。観光名所も多く、MVでは座禅ができる玉傳寺や温泉旅館東京都唯一の「日本の滝100選」払沢の滝などが登場。また、タイトルの”Little Adventure Diaries”に相応しく、本格的なロードバイクに乗ってのサイクリングといったレジャーも充実している。



Little Adventure Diaries ~ The edge of Tokyo

Maika Loubté(シンガーソングライター/トラックメーカー)
Yukari Shinomiya(フォトグラファー)
『NOᗺARA』by Maika Loubté
Jesus Salinas
檜原村 村旅協議会

Maika Loubté(マイカ・ルブテ)

日仏ハーフの女性SSW/トラックメーカー。 東京在住。幼少期から十代を日本・パリ・香港で過ごし、14歳で作 詞/作曲、自宅でのレコーディングを始める。2014年からソロ活動を開始し、2016年初秋、ニューアルバム『Le Zip』 をリリース。デジタルでの配信リリースに続き、Mitch Nakano、Yukari Shinomiyaなど友人クリエイターたちとのコラボレーションによる42ページのART BOOKがついたCD+BOOK版を発売。Tokyo Art Book Fair2016への出演・出展をきっかけに、600部のみ限定生産されたパッケージ版が取扱店舗の各所で欠品 が相次ぐなど注目を集める。東京都内を中心に、国内外でのライブ活動を精力的に行う。また、大野由美子(Buffalo Daughter)、Neat’s+AZUMA HITOMIらによるアナログシンセサイザーカルテット「Hello Wendy!」のメンバーと しても活躍中。

Maika Loubté who was featured on Wooly Vol. 25 just released her new music video.

This time, she journeys with her long-time friends, model Erina Nakagawa and photographer Yukari Shinomiya, and created a cinematic documentary. The video was set in the lush greenery and harmonious village of Hinohara, located an hour   away from the heart of Tokyo. In the video, it shows that Hinohara village is not just a place full of tourist attractions, but also offers a place such as Gyokuden-ji Temple for Zen meditations and Hossawa Falls, known to be the one and only hot spring hotel in Tokyo that is listed on One Hundred Waterfalls of Japan. Also, the title ‘Little Adventure Diaries’ fits the enjoyable leisure of extensive road bike rides and cycling. Maika was inspired by the Hinohara village to compose music. It is no wonder her fans would love her music and Wooly readers would rather not miss the chance to listen to it. The music video is the perfect charming combination of Maika’s view of the world and Hinohara village. It is now available on Maika Loubté’s official YouTube channel and Hinohara Mura Tourist Association’s official website. 

Little Adventure Diaries ~ The edge of Tokyo
 ↑Click to visit Maika Loubté’s official YouTube channel

Tetsuya Uesugi 

Maika Loubté (Singer, songwriter and track maker)

Yukari Shinomiya (Photographer)
Erina Nakagawa(Model)

『NOᗺARA』by Maika Loubté

Title Designer
Jesus Salinas

Hinohara Village Tourism Council

Special Thanks

Tokyo/Hinohara Village/Hinohara 

Community Reactivating Cooperator
Squad/Hinohara Villagers

Produced by 
Hinohara Mura Tourism Association

Maika Loubté(マイカ・ルブテ)
A half Japanese and half French female songwriter/track maker based in Tokyo. Spent her childhood and teenage years in Japan, Paris and Hong Kong. She has been writing and composing songs and began recording them at home since the age of 14. She started her solo career on 2014 and released her first album ‘Le Zip’ around autumn 2016. 
Following the digital distribution, the 42-paged ART BOOK with CD version based on the collaboration with her creator friends, Mitch Nakano, Yukari Shinomiya will be released. The exhibition of 600 limited edition in Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016 caught the people’s attention and since then stores have been out of stock.  Her energetic performances are mostly held in Central Tokyo and abroad. She is also a member of an analogue synthesiser quartet ‘Hello Wendy!’ along with Yumiko Ohno (Buffalo Daughter) , Neat’s+AZUMA HITOMI.