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“Kusyu Olle”

Text:Masato Tsuruta
Looking at the newest trekking style: Kyushu Olle

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「九州オルレ」は全17コース(2016年12月現在)。今秋、モニターツアーやオルレフェアが行われ、今年は関東や関西からのツアーも催行された。選び抜かれたコースの中でも、Woolyがおすすめしたいのは、宗像・大島コース。『神の国・九州』を体感できる旅になっている。イタリアのごとく豊かな産物と、人々のあたたかなスピリットを感じることができる九州オルレ。観光地はもちろんのこと、隠れスポットにも足を運ぶことができるこの企画は、都心に住む人々に限らず、来日中の外国人ツーリストや クリエイターにもヒットするだろう。



Ole is a style of trekking rising from Korea, in hiking courses surrounded by the luscious nature. The trekking style has garnered attention due to its light hearted nature. Becoming increasingly popular in Japan, trekking events have been organized in Kyushu, where trail courses are known for its stunning environment.

The last round of the events was held with success in late November. In the many trail courses selected in the event, Wooly recommends to you Onakata Oshima course, in which one can fully enjoy a journey in what we call “The land of God: Kyushu”. It is the perfect spot for your Orure trip as it has as many local products as Italy, companioned by the friendly and spiritual locals. On top of that, there are also countless hidden gems outside of its tourist areas. We are sure that the project will attract people from various different places, including but not only creatives, tourists and city dwellers looking to take a breath of ease.

It is definitely a great idea to consider Orure in your plans as a new option within 2017.

Kyushu Olle

Photo: Nao Kitamura