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ChangGang Lee Exhibition “IDOLATRY”

Text:Nao Kitamura
Translation:Stephanie Wu

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Wooly所有のギャラリー・WAREHOUSEでのグループ展にも参加したコラージュアーティスト・ChangGang Leeによる初の個展”IDOLATRY”が2016年12月17日から開催される。

今回の展示では新作を含めたアナログコラージュ、ミクストメディア作品を展示。先日終了したWAREHOUSEのグループ展”PIGALLE KOYAMA BROOKLYN”では、モノクロ作品のみの出展だったが、今回はカラー作品も登場。

会期:2016/12/17 – 2016/12/24
   11:00 – 19:00
会場:MIDORI.SO 2 東京都港区南青山3-13

ChangGang Lee
古雑誌や、ペイントなどを組み合わせたコラージュ作品を手掛ける。制作プロセスでは特定のテーマは持たず「アクシデント」から生まれるアイディアをベースに、独特な世界観を創り上げる。現在は東京を拠点にしながらも、世界規模で行われるコラージュアート展”The International Weird Collage Show”への出展など、日本国内外問わず幅広く活動している。

Changgang Lee, collage artist who was also a part of Wooly’s gallery, WAREHOUSE, is holding his first solo exhibition “IDOLATRY” from December 17th, 2016 at MIDORI.SO 2!

The solo exhibition brings you Lee’s newest mixed media and analog collage pieces. The artist has shown some of his monochrome work in our previous group exhibition, “PIGALLE KOYAMA BROOKLYN”, but you will get to see his color works at “IDOLATRY”.
It is of no doubt that Lee will present to you an alternative experience, guiding you through a hallway of his very own view of the wold through creations made from old magazines, paint and more.
Lee will also be selling his collectanea on site.

About Exhibition
Duration and hours
2016/12/17 – 2016/12/24
MIDORI.SO 2 3-13 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

ChangGang Lee
Collage artist born in 1989.
Creates work mainly from used magazines, paint, etc. The artist does not have a set process, instead he holds the idea of ‘accidents’ dearly, creating unique pieces. Currently based in Tokyo, Lee has been active in the international scene, showing at known events such as “The International Weird Collage Show”.