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Summer’s Gone

Summer’s Gone

“I wish today would last forever.

Everything is gonna be like magic when I spend time with her.”




I love feeling summer so much even though I cannot stand the heat..

We can swim in the ocean or sleep on the beach, you know? Our day’s just started




Wherever we go or stay, it will never go wrong.

I guess being with you makes it a magical day for me.





It might be just another summer days that you can remember 

as the most beautiful, tender time..








Will you remember today, and this summer ?

I will. Always,





photographer:Shiori Ota @shiori0ta

hair & makeup:Moe Hikida @moehikida

stylist:Mayuko Saito @cedrat_mayuko

model:Lina @_lina_nakayama, Mimana @mimahna

edit:Anna Yano @yannajenni


– clothing credits –

●sea side 1 


tops:sous le tilleul, skirt:stylist’s own 


tops:sous le tilleul, pants:tsuyoshi yao tokyo (PR01 showroom), accessory:stylist’s own


●swim wear


swimsuits,pants:CALZEDONIA (H3O fashion bureau), necklace:o.watery(SHEEP), bag:Car Foranimal


swim tops:CALZEDONIA (H3O fashion bureau), tops:Jenny Fax(SHEEP),pants:stylist’s own




tops:CHANCE (H3O fashion bureau), shoes:grounds(PR01 show room), leg cover:EMILY YV, necklace:Marland Backus(SHEEP), body suits&rings:stylist’s own


tops:sous le tilleul, pants:Bibiy.(PR01 showroom), shoes&hat:Car Foranimal, socks&rings:stylist’s own


●sea side 2


one-piece:sous le tilleul, shoes:melissa(H3O fashion bureau), earrings:Marland Backus(SHEEP)


one-piece:MIYAO(SHEEP), shoes:melissa(H3O fashion bureau), necklace:Marland Backus(SHEEP), earrings: stylist’s own