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Say H! by citrusplus -DEC-

Model: Chinami Kudo
Composer: Sotaro Fujimaki
Director: Masataka Kawaguchi
Videographer: Jumpei Mori
Edit: Yuka Shimayoshi

フューチャーポップユニットcitrusplusのトラックメイカーSotaro Makifujiが
ショートトラックを書き下ろしていく連載企画「Say H!」よりvol.5!




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そこでトラックメーカーとして活動するSotaro Fujimakiが、東京という街で活躍する”シティアイコン”にフォーカスし、
ショートトラックを書き下ろしていく連載企画「Say H!」。

vol.5となると今回は、東京を中心にモデルとして活動する Kudo Chinamiにフィーチャー。

「Say H!」 feat. Chinami Kudo



■About “citrusplus“
藤牧宗太郎(Track Maker / Key.)、森惇平(VJ / Dr.)、


さらには1st single「fall」のPVをリリースしている。

citrusplus is a future pop unit based in Shibuya and Harajuku.
They organize a new serial project “Say H!”, which focuses on a “pop icon” in Tokyo, and Sotaro Fujimaki, its trackmaker composes a short track only for him/her.

For the vol.5, Chinami Cudo, a model mainly based in Tokyo, is featured.

「Say H!」 feat. Kanae



■About “ citrusplus “
Started in January 2017. A future-pop unit based in Shibuya and Harajuku by Yorozu Yui(Vo.), Sotaro Fujimaki(Track Maker/Key.) and Jumpei Mori(VJ/Dr.).
They are supported by not only a fan of music but also those who into culture and fashion.
Their sound is characterized as danceable and catchy.
They released two tracks called “fall” and “CP6” in June 2018.
In November they plan to release “drawing”, “surface” and “melt”, and a music video of the first single “fall”.