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Text: Ayaka Yoshimura
Translation:Karolina Höglind

NYLON3月号にてイラスト掲載中mokaも参加!全新作描き下ろしグループ展「THE BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG BROOKLYN」3月5日(月)〜4月5日(木)開催
Featured in the March issue of NYLON JAPAN, illustrator moka, will be one of the participating artists in the group exhibition 「THE BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG BROOKLYN」consisting only of newly produced work by the artists, and will be held from March 3rd to April 5th


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世界のカルチャーをいち早くお届けするバイリンガルカルチャーマガジン『Wooly Magazine』がこの春最もホットなイラストレーター “eve” “moka” “YUTA MIHIRA”の3名を集めたグループ展「THE BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG BROOKLYN」をNOS EBISにて開催。

昨年 東京、福岡、NYを巡回し大盛況に終わったグループ展「a magic moment」。三都市で最も熱い盛り上がりを見せたのがNY・Brooklynだ。今回の展示は異NY・Brooklynからインスピレーションを得て各クリエイター達が描きおろした新作が並ぶ。異国の地で彼らは何を見て何を感じたのか、ぜひ感じ取ってほしい。今アートやファッションで世界的に注目されるBrooklynを日本にいながら、更に数々の媒体で活躍するクリエイター達の目線で見ることができる今回の展示はあなたに新たな発見や出会いを与えてくれるだろう。

会場は NOS EBIS、入場はフリーですがワンドリンク制となっています。レストラン併設ですのでアートだけでなく美味しい料理で目も舌も心も満たされてみてください!

会期: 2018.3.5(月)-4.5(木)
OPEN: 18:00〜02:00
出展作家: eve、moka、Mihira Yuta
会場:NOS EBIS/東京都渋谷区恵比寿南2-3-14 CONZE恵比寿 B1F


1995年熊本県生まれ。日本大学芸術学部デザイン学科にてグラフィックデザイン、プロモーションデザインを学ぶ。様々な人物をモデルとし、色彩豊かでどこかシュールなイラストが特徴。主にSNSで発信している。ウェブマガジン“Be inspired”イベントステッカーのイラストを手がけるなど、今後の活躍に期待される新星。NYLON 3月号にてイラスト掲載中。Instagram : ni4oooooou

1989年千葉県生まれ。武蔵野美術大学視覚伝達デザイン学科にてイラストレーション、グラフィックデザインを学び卒業後フリーランスイラストレーター、絵描きとして活動。Woolyを始めWARP Magazineや日刊スポーツ、 BEAMSなど数多くの媒体やブランドで活躍。今後の活躍が注目される若手イラストレーターの一人。Instagram : mihirayuta

Bringing you culture related contents from around the world, one step ahead, is Wooly Magazine, who this time will hold a group exhibition featuring this spring’s three hottest illustrators “eve” “moka” “YUTA MIHIRA called 「THE BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG BROOKLYN」, at NOS EBISU.

Last year the group exhibition 「a magic moment」 crossed the ocean as it was held first in Tokyo, then Fukuoka and last, but not least, New York. The exhibition was met with great success in all cities, but with the one in Brooklyn, New York showed the warmest and biggest welcome. This time the trio has used Brooklyn and New York as the source of inspiration for a new set of works to be displayed at the exhibition. With the artists conveying what they saw, and what they felt as they sat their feet on foreign grounds, for people like you too see. In the fashion and art world today, Brooklyn is internationally acknowledged to be one of the places to be. So while you are in Japan, this is your chance of gaining a new perspective and encounter new people, by joining this event and seeing Brooklyn through the eyes of these creators who are all active in different media.

The venue if NOS EBISU, with free entry, although with a minimum of ordering one drink per person. As NOS EIBUS is also a restaurant, you can even enjoy delicious food, making you’re visit not only satisfying to your heart, but also your tongue.

date: 2018.3.5(mon)-4.5(thu)
OPEN: 18:00〜02:00
出展作家: eve、moka、Mihira Yuta

Studied graphic design at an art University and is currently based in Tokyo.
Her illustrations of adolescent girls embracing various emotions and inner conflicts have been featured in Magazines such as fashion magazine NYLON JAPAN, high street fashion magazine PERK, as well as art specialized web magazine GirlsArtalk, and she has now become an increasingly known name among illustrators. Her excellent sense of color and design, together with a dimension of darkness is appealing to the viewer and for which her work has gained a lot of appreciation and high praise.

Born in 1995 in Kumamoto. Studied graphic design and promotion design at Nihon University College of Art. Using various people as models for her illustrations, they are rich in color and with a unique surreal vibe. She is mainly active on social platforms. Other activities include creating event stickers form the web magazine Be Inspired, and being featured in the March issue of NYLON JAPAN. As a young artist, she is a rising star with a future ahead of her from which we can expect a lot.
Instagram : ni4oooooou

Born in 1989 in Chiba. Studied Illustration and Graphic design at the Visual Design department at Musashino Art University, and has since graduation worked as a freelance illustrator and painter. Some of his activities includes working with Wooly Magazine, WARP Magazine, Nikkei Sports, BEAMS, as well as various other media and brands. He is a young illustrator whose future career is likely to continue to gain a lot of attention.
Instagram : mihirayuta