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Interview with Margaux and Frankie

text/ translation:Natsuko Fukai
Photo:Sayuri Murooka

先週末横浜赤レンガでサーフ・ビーチカルチャーをテーマに行われたGREENROOM FESTIVAL。 RVCA のアートブースにてライブペイントを行なっていたフランス人ペインターMargaux Arramon-tucooとインフルエンサーとしてもおなじみのFrankie Cihiにインタビュー。

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先週末横浜赤レンガでサーフ・ビーチカルチャーがテーマのGREENROOM FESTIVALが行われた。

ステージ上から流れる心地よい音楽が風とともに流れてくる中、RVCA のアートブースにてライブペイントをしていたフランス人ペインターMargaux Arramon-tucooとインフルエンサーとしてもおなじみのFrankie Cihiにインタビューを行なった。

Margaux は世界中を旅しながらサーファー・画家として活躍中のフランス人女性。ライブペイントではアクリルとライナープリントを使い模様をプリントしていっていた。


3年前に一度来日したことがあり、日本に来るのは今回で2回目なのだとか。「(日本は)前と比べて特に変わってないと思うけど、GREENROOM FESTIVALに関していうと、今年のはますます大きくなっているのは言えるね!」




In the warm breeze under the glaring sunlight, GREENROOM FESTIVAL was a music/ art festival which took place last weekend at the red bricks, Yokohama. The theme of surf/ beach culture was informing us the arrival of the upcoming summer.

Rhythmic songs from the stage was being carried in the wind, echoing through the air. In such atmosphere, WOOLY was able to do an interview with 2 of the painters who were doing live painting in RVCA’s art booth. Margaux Arramon-tucoo who is a French painter and Frankie Cihi who many people may recognize her.

Margaux is currently a surfer and a painter traveling around the world. In the live paining, she was using acrylics and liner printing, creating patterns. “I normally do allot of water printing. I don’t usually do liner printing, but because I couldn’t bring all of my materials, I curved and brought the liner printing.”

Asking her what her inspirations are, she answered; “ I don’t know! Haha. I travel allot so I am constantly exposed to various things that I naturally relate to my work. But I don’t have something certain that I get inspired from.”

It was her second time visiting Japan. The first time was 3 years back when she also came to take part in GREENROOM FESTIVAL. “ Japan hasn’t changed much. Though the GREENROOM FESTIVAL has for sure increased its size and number of visitors”

Like Margaux, it was Frankie’s second time participating in this event; she participated as Terrace House 2 years ago. Although it was her second time, she has told me that this year’s GREENROOM FESTIVAL really made her feel she was participating. “ I get to be both the participant and the visitor. I love interacting with people who were stopping by and also walking freely to the other booths.”

RVCA is often seen as a surf brand with cool style. However, RVCA in the GREENROOM FESTIVAL was different. The booth was filled with imitation flowers and Frankie was also painting flowers with acrylics. I asked her about the concept: “ RVCA was constantly doing events with male artists so they have decided this time, they will make this booth girly as possible. That’s why they came up with the concept Flowers”. She has also told me that it personally relates to her wedding anniversary, which was 3 days before the GREENROOM FESTIVAL.

With such painters, I am sure many of the people who stopped by enjoyed their live painting.

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