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“ichi-go ichi-e” by SAYORI WADA

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アーティストSAYORI WADAが待望のヨーロッパ初個展をスイス最大の都市チューリッヒで開催!


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日本国内はもちろん、海外でも活躍中の人気イラストレーターSAYORI WADAがヨーロッパでは初となる個展をスイスの最大の都市チューリッヒで開催する。今回のヨーロッパ初個展にあたり、スイスへ渡ったSAYORI WADA。約三週間掛けて制作が行われた最新作が現地で公開される予定となっている。
彼女は、先月7月に東京・自由ヶ丘にあるDIGINNER GALLERY WORKSHOPにてソロエキシビジョン「FEMINISM」を行い、大胆かつ規格外サイズの作品で訪れた者を魅了し、新しい彼女のスタイルを作り大成功に納めたばかりである。この彼女の勢いは止まることなく、ヨーロッパへ飛び出し活動の場を広げて行く。そんなSAYORI WADAによる今回の初ヨーロッパ個展は、チューリッヒのアートシーンはもちろん、世界各国から注目が一層集まること間違いないだろう。


一つの出会いが世界を広げるかもしれない。/ ’Opened up a new world for both I think.’


“ichi-go ichi-e” at The Bite
場所:The Bite Brauerstrasse 15, Zurich 8004, Switzerland
日程:2015.8.31. 18:00 より
火曜 – 木曜
11:30 – 13:30
18:00 – 22:30
11:30 – 13:30
18:00 – 24:00
18:00 – 24:00

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自由気ままかつ力強いペインティングが国内外で支持される日本人アーティスト。2014年には27歳で亡くなった数々のレジェンドにまつわるイラスト本「27」を発表。近年では、agnes b.とのコラボレーションTシャツを発表。Converseのグローバルキャンペーン Made by Youに抜擢され、世界各国でアートワークを施した広告が使用される。

・台湾 ソロエキシビジョン「27」
・東京 ソロエキシビジョン「27」
・Manhattan Portage Art Award受賞
・SLAM DUNK x Jordan Brand のイベントに日本代表として選出される(香港)
・博多 ソロエキシビジョン「27」
・コンバースキャンペーン(NY, Paris, London, Barcelona, Shanghai等で展示)
・東京 ソロエキシビジョン「FEMINISM」

SAYORI WADA will hold Art show at Zurich that is the biggest city in Switzerland. SAYORI WADA is a popular artist not only in Japan, but also overseas. She had visited Switzerland to hold first Art show in Europe. Her fresh art works that she has been working for about three weeks will be exhibited at Zurich. Last month, she held Solo Exhibition “FEMINISM” at “DEGFNNER GALLERY WORKSHOP” in Ziyugaoka, Tokyo. Visitors were attracted by her bold and unexpected sizes works. Then she just succeeded making her new styles. This young woman’s strengths never stop improving, and she will expand her work places to Europe. It is sure that this her first one-man show in Europe will gather more attentions from both Art scenes in Zurich and all over the world.

About this show:

“In the Japanese tea ceremony tradition there is an expression called “ichi-go ichi-e”(一期一会), one time, one meeting. One chance in a lifetime.
Us, meeting like this, is a time that will never come back again. With this in mind, we should cherish that moment and show our best hospitality that we can offer at the time.

It was during the summer, three years ago, when I experienced a true ichi-go ichi-e in Japan. It was timeless, it crossed seas, and it was from this meeting that this exhibition became a reality.

Using tools which I came across in Switzerland through an Ichi-go ichi-e, the production period lasted around 3 weeks and now it is time for me to hold my first European solo exhibition in Switzerland, Zurich.

Through one meeting, you might be able to widen your whole world. Here I would like to add my feelings of gratitude towards these unexpected meetings that brings us the small joys in life”

– Sayori Wada

“ichi-go ichi-e” at The Bite
Place:The Bite Brauerstrasse 15, Zurich 8004, Switzerland
Date:2015.8.31. 18:00
Tuesday – Thursday
11:30 – 13:30
18:00 – 22:30
11:30 – 13:30
18:00 – 24:00
18:00 – 24:00

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Sayori Wada Is a Japanese Artist, who exemplifies free-spirited and powerful paintings, influenced by both people in Japan and all around the world. Her illustrations with the characteristic rhythmical lines are drawn just as If she were playing an instrument. In 2014 she announced her Art Book “27” about various legends who all died at the age of 27. Earlier this year her T-shirt collaboration with Agnes.b was announced. She was also chosen to be a part of “Made By You”, a global campaign by Converse sneakers where her artwork was used for advertisements in cities all around the world.

Previous Works:

・ Taiwan solo exhibition「27」
・ Tokyo solo exhibition「27」
・ Winner of Manhattan Portage Art Award
・ SLAM DUNK x Jordan Brand Event, chosen as representative of Japan (Hong Kong)

・ Hakata solo exhibition「27」
・ Agnes.b t-shirt collaboration announcement
・ Tsutaya T-site exhibition
・ Converse Campaign(NY, Paris, London, Barcelona, Shanghai etc)
・ Tokyo solo exhibition「FEMINISM ]

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