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DEVIL -solo project by Anton Falck from First Hate

Text: Yuka Shimayoshi

デンマークのシンセデュオFirst HateのAnton Falckがソロプロジェクト「Devil」をスタート。
Anton Falck, One of the Danish duo First Hate, releases a solo project called “Devil”.


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First HateのAnton Falckがソロプロジェクトをローンチ! 2018年に公開された短編映画『Amphiに』も出演した彼が、そのタイトルトラック「One Day」をフルバージョンをリリース。この曲は、「DEVIL」と名付けられたこの新プロジェクトのデビューEP「SALAMANDER」のメインシングル。





ミュージックビデオはAntonと、この映画の監督Mathias Broeによる共同監督で、映画の未公開シーンも含まれている。男性的な視点からの性の流動性の探求が映画とビデオ両方のメインテーマに据えられ、スタジオMorphが制作した。Antonが子どもの頃に自らのセクシュアリティについて書いた秘密の日記のために作り出したルーン文字が使われている。

「初めてAntonに会ったときから、彼に人間として、そしてアーティストとして惹かれていたんだ。『Amphi』に主演してくれると聞いたとき、映画の最初のアイディアでもあった彼が歌ってレーザーハープを奏でるシーンを撮りたいと思った。『One Day』はAntonが書いたけれど、私自身のセクシュアリティと個人の解放を代弁するアンセムにもなると感じたんだ。」 – Mathias Broe (director)


Anton Falck, of First Hate, and a recent star of the award-winning documentary film “Amphi”, is releasing an extended version of the title song of the film “One Day”. The track is the main single on debut EP “SALAMANDER” of his new 2020 solo project “DEVIL”.

“Devil is about regarding our inner demons and feelings as beautiful creatures, living things which we are free to unleash into the world, even when the world isn’t yet ready for them.” -Anton Falck

The song was written and performed on a laser harp for “Amphi”, a film about sexual liberation and freedom. The lyrics are about letting go of what is holding you back crossing your inner ocean.

“I knew I had to write the song for the film, but hadn’t started yet, When I finally got the idea for the song I was sitting in the back of bus 9A on my way somewhere. I recorded the vocals on to my phone and out of nowhere tears started running down my cheeks. That never happened before.”

“We can’t choose who we love or how many we love, but we should all be free to choose our own ways of expressing the love we feel for other beings.”

The music video which is co-directed by Falck and Amphi director Mathias Broe, contains exclusive and previously unseen material from the film. Exploration of fluid sexuality from a male perspective was the main theme of the film and video which was produced by studio Morph. The video contins magical runes based on an alphabet Anton invented as a kid to write secret diaries about his sexuality.

“From the first time I met Anton I was really inspired by him as a human being and as an artist. When Anton said yes to star in Amphi, I knew I wanted to make a scene with him singing and playing a laser harp, which was one of my first ideas for the film. Even though ‘One Day’ is written by Anton, I felt like it also became an anthem representing my own sexual and personal liberation.” – Mathias Broe (director)

The EP is written, produced and mixed by AF / Devil.