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Brooklyn Calling vol.02 -BLACK BASS-

Editor/Text:Mariko Idehara
Translation:Karolina Höglind

個性光るクリエイター達が所属する、ELENTE. Tokyoと活動の幅を広げるDJ Yujiとのコラボイベント「Brooklyn Calling」第2弾を開催!今回はアップカミングなBLACK BASSからメッセージレターが届きました!






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音楽の新しいあり方を目指す若者たちがBrooklyn Callingと題し、ハイカルチャーイベントをお送りします!

また、Brooklynの楽しみ方を発信する情報サイト“Brooklyn Calling”のローンチを記念したホットトピックもご紹介!

Woolyカバーガールで女優の清水ゆみによるステージも決定!彼女の生歌を聴けるのはBrooklyn Callingだけです!

あなたの好きがきっと見つかるBrooklyn Calling!

今回は、出演するBLACK BASSにメッセージをもらいました!

GERA(rapper),oTTs(rapper),Cherrycoke L(rapper)
KRICK(producer),shunsuke nakamura(movie director/VJ),
akira polenghi(movie director),gent(designer)


行ったことないので、Joey Bada$$ – 95 Til InfinityのMVと、前のバイト先で売り込んでたブルックリンラガーのイ
メージ(cherrycoke L)

ありません。 「Brooklyn(2015)」という映 画は良い映画でした。(oTTs)

どんな場所かも全く想像がつかないですが、青いイメージがあります(shunsuke nakamura)

2.BLACK BASSさんにとって、ブルックリンとは?

とりあえず現地人も巻き込んで、皆でお酒を飲みたいです (oTTs)

4.Brooklyn Callingのイベントにメッセージをお願いします。
いくつか出演させてもらってるイベントの中でもかなりオシャレなイメージ(shunsuke nakamura)
(Cherrycoke L)
Brooklyn callingを実際にBrooklynで開く事ができれば、とても嬉しいです。その次はqueens callingに参加したいです(GERA)

□BLACK BASS:97’世代のクリエイターらによって2018年1月に結成された東京のアートコレクティブ。ヒップホップカルチャーへのリスペクトを根拠に、音楽、映像、デザインなど多方面で活動している。BLACK BASSは昨年12月に1st EP『MIZUZEME』をi tunes, sportifyその他各種ストリーミングサービスにて発表した。

NY · Brooklyn is getting attention again in recent years!
Embracing Brooklyn’s music style, art and culture were mixed
Young people aiming for a new way of music entitle Brooklyn Calling and will send you a high culture event!

Also introduce a hot topic commemorating the launch of the information site “Brooklyn Calling” that broadcasts how to enjoy Brooklyn!

Why do not you survive the summer with a high cultural event that combines music live and art by upcoming artists?
Wooly cover girl decides the stage by Yumi Shimizu of the actress! Only Brooklyn Calling can listen to her live songs!

You surely find your likes Brooklyn Calling!

This time, We got a message from BLACK BASS!

At first,a short introduction about who we are!
We are a crew from Tokyo who don’t only create music, but videos, design and more. We are pretty often doing lives as well, so please check it out! We are planning a release of an EP this summer as well. We’ve been repeating that it will come over, and over, so it is sure to happen some time soon. GERA (rapper), oTTs (rapper), Cherrycoke L(rapper), KRICK (producer), shunsuke nakamura(movie director/VJ), akira polenghi (movie director), gent (designer)

1. Have you ever been to Brooklyn and what is your image of the city?
(cherrycoke L) No I haven’t been there, so the image I have of Brooklyn is from joey bada$$’s music video of 95 till infinity, and also the Brooklyn lager I sold at my old work.
(oTTs) No I haven’t. I really thought that Brooklyn(2015) was a good movie though.
(shunsuke nakamura) I’ve never been to Brooklyn, and I can’t even imagine what kind of place it is. But I have an image of it being very blue.

2. What is Brooklyn to BLACK BASS?
(gent) the B is really good, right.
(GERA) The birthplace of Captain America.
(oTTs) A terminal.

3. If you’d go there, what would you want to do?
(KRICK) A concert. And to eat steak.
(GERA) I want to touch a part of the east coast graffiti, such as 5pointz, and just doodle on walls.
(oTTs) I just want to get along with the locals, and drink together.

4. Please share a message for the event Brooklyn Calling.
(shunsuke nakamura) It’s definitely one of the more fancy events amongst all we’ve ever performed at!
(Cherrycoke) I have the feeling that it’s an event where people who are being serious about what they are doing gather, no matter what genre they belong to.
(Gera) If sometime we could actually do Brooklyn Calling in Brooklyn, I’d be so happy. Then I’d like to participate in Queens Calling next!