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Text:Makoto Kikuchi Translation:Miyu Suzuki

WAREHOUSEで開催中のイラストレーター・黒木仁史の個展”THE FANTASTIC HOTEL” オープニングレセプションにて行われた黒木仁史氏への公開インタビューの様子をお届けする。黒木氏がイラストレーションに込めている思いとはー。

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今回の展示”THE FANTASTIC HOTEL”について、どういった思いを持っていらっしゃいますか?

まず、今日はレセプションパーティーを開いていただき、ありがとうございます!倉庫を改装したこのギャラリーが、見事に”THE FANTASTIC HOTEL”に生まれ変わりました。鶴田さん(WOOLY ARTS代表)とは兼ねてから一緒に個展を開催したいねという話をしていましたが、今回ようやく実現できました。これから来場される方々とお話できるのがとても楽しみです。展示期間中にも、徐々に作品を追加していく予定ですので、今日お越しいただいている方も、是非また見にいらしていただけたら嬉しいです。


Q.How do you link your work to fashion?
Mr. Kuroki: Mostly comes from my imagination. I don’t necessary follow current trend or anything. I first pick a model then imagine what would she wear if I saw her/him on the street. That’s how I link my work to fashion.

Q. You often draw some unique illustrations like human body with an animal face. What’s the back story for those paintings?
Mr. Kuroki: Those paintings were born when I wanted to pain something provocative. I have a painting (actually available to purchase at the exhibition) which a lady wearing a seductive lingerie with the face of a leopard. The reason why I didn’t draw a real person’s face was because to make the painting less graphic. I still wanted to leave the arty aspect with the erotic concept.

Q. How do you see your illustrations going overseas? Have you ever thought about showing your work outside of Japan?
Mr. Kuroki: Frankly speaking, I’ve never left Japan before. I recently relocated to Tokyo from Fukuoka, which was a pretty big deal for me. However, I would love to go abroad and show my illustrations to more people in the future. I love hills, so San Francisco might be the first place I would like visit. I heard there are so many hills in San Francisco! I also want to go visit Asian countries like Taipei and such. It’s close from Japan, which means it’s easier for me to fly back home when I get homesick.

Q. What kind of magazines do you like to read to get inspirations?
Mr. Kuroki: I love Tokyo Magazine, Ginza, POPEYE, and of course Wooly. I’m truly thankful that I been having opportunities to work with my favorite magazines. Makes me very thrilled when I see my illustrations on magazines especially, the ones I’ve been regularly reading for years.

Q. Any comments about your current exhibition at WAREHOUSE?
Mr. Kuroki: First of all, thank you so much for hosting an incredible reception party tonight! You guys did a fantastic job converting the gallery into the concept of the exhibition, THE FANTASTIC HOTEL. Mr. Tsuruta and I have been trying to do something with my illustrations for such a long time, and it finally happened here at the WAREHOUSE GALLERY this month.I’m looking forward to having more people to come visit and actually seeing my work i’ve done so far. I’m planning to continue adding more new illustrations as the exhibition goes by, so definitely come stop by before the 22nd of October.

Please come to the closing party at October 21st(Fri.)


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