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“Doodle” Exhibition Report

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A brand found and based in Fukuoka

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この「doodle」という展示は2Fのギャラリーで行われていた。作品は、今世界的に注目を浴びるポートランドのアーチスト、LeBrie RichとBill Willのコラボレーションによって、今回の展示に合わせて新しく制作された。一見、素敵な雑貨の展覧会に見えるが、それにしては「なんだこれ、なんでこうなんだ?」と、疑問が残りすぎる。


Albus is a photo studio in Fukuoka city Chuo-ku Kego. Albus is conveying “the photograph” as time progresses and records to show the people who are living in the town and the people who are coming in the town.Albus has various of activities, a photograph school, DTP and a photo studio.

The exhibition “doodle” was held on the second floor. Products were created by two American artists LeBrieRich and Bill Will who are attracting attention from all over the world. The products at this exhibition was created just for this exhibition.

Although it seems like a normal beautiful exhibition, it’s somehow leaves you questioning “what is this? What was that?” I felt a strong intention from the artists. It wasn’t only aggressive , but slightly ironic. The title “doodle” is supports that. It was an excellent exhibition with lots of tiny secrets sprinkled all over.


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CLOSE 20:00
店休日 不定休


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