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From the Graduate Showcase of the University of Salford

photo: Jade Finnan

New talents at the University of Salford’s Graduate Showcase

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イギリスの今期の卒業制作展はどの大学も新才能を発掘する宝庫だったと報告された。その中でも、イギリス・サルフォード大学の卒業生が行ったChant & Be Happyは今年6月初旬にHerrick Galleryで行われ、Dazed and confusedでも取り上げられる程の注目を浴びた。Chant & Be Happyは若さと、そして私たちが愛する全てに対しての感謝と喜びを示す卒業制作展である。 主催したサルフォード大学のFashion Image Making & Stylingコースはイギリスでも、方向性のはっきりした最も進化しているスタイリングとファッション撮影のコースとして高い評価を得ている大学だ。常に決められた美の概念に挑戦することを追求し、ファッション企業の例外的クオリティーとしてもみなされている。 コースの生徒の中には、かつてのSex Pistolsの怒りや、Dada(第1次世界大戦中から戦後にかけ、欧米に広がった反芸術的な運動)の暴虐に似た作家の皮肉が込められた作品が現代には少なさすぎる、と感じている生徒が多くいる。サルフォード大学の目的は、ファッションにさらに焦点を当てること、そして新しい才能を見つけ出すことである。
この新しいアプローチと授業内容の結果、写真家のMichael Mayrenは一流ブランドや出版社で働き、学生時代には有名ブランドから学生ながらにしてコレクションのキャンペーン制作を依頼された程である。

今回、Woolyはそんな今年のサルフォード大学の卒業生の作品の中でも一際目についた、フォトグラファーJade Finnanをフューチャー。

彼女は今期のサルフォード大学の卒業生であり、ファッションスタイリングとイメージ作りを学んでいた。彼女もまた、Chant & Be Happyに参加した卒業生の一人だった。数多くある卒業制作の中でも、彼女の作品はどこか見る人を惑わせるものがあった。
そんな彼女は自分の写真について、「私の写真はとても抽象的なの。奇妙で、珍しいところを見て欲しい。 私はインスピレーションの為に、多くの時間を映画や音楽と同じように、抽象芸術を見るようにしています。インスピレーションを得るために見る好きな映画の監督の一人は、アレハンドロ·ホドロフスキーよ。」と語る。また、彼女の最近の作品シリーズは「形のアイディア」と「ジグゾーパズル」。どうやって私たちがジグゾーパズルのように宇宙と世界の形に当てはまっているかどうかを意識していると教えてくれた。私たちひとりひとりも宇宙と世界をつくる形の一部なのだと。


This years United Kingdom graduation exhibition has already received great reviews, some saying it has been a treasure trove of new talent. Among them, The University of Salford’s graduation exhibition, Chant & Be Happy has been gaining some very deserved recognition. Held during June of this year at the Herrick Gallery, even magazines such as Dazed and Confused have covering the show. Chant & Be Happy is shows our youth, but also our gratitude and joy for all of the things we love. The University of Salford’s Fashion Image Making and Styling course is, even in England, one that has gained great reputation as clearly one of the best fashion photography and styling schools. Striving to challenge the concept of preconceived beauty, It is also regarded incredibly favorably my many fashion companies. The students study the anger of the Sex Pistols and Dada (Post world war 1 anti artist movement) and other events of angst and violence and try to bring those feelings into their work. The purpose of the University of Salford is to shed further focus on fashion, and refine talented artists who will one day control the landscape of the fashion industry. As a result of the new approach and course content, Photographer Michael Mayren and people like him worked directly with famous brands while participating in school. These collections were born from the opportunities provided by those collaborations.

Wooly decided to take a look at the University of Salford’s graduate’s work, and found interest in the future of one woman, Jade Finnan.

Finnan graduated from Salford’s Fashion Image Making and Styling course this year, and was also one of the graduates whose work was presented in the Chant & Be Happy graduate exhibition. Within the exhibited work, Her abstract style that tries to confuse the eye of the viewer is something that really peaked our interest. When asked about her work she called her style “Very Abstract”. She continued, saying, “I like to look at the strange and unusual and tend to look at Abstract art at lot of the time for inspiration as well as films and music, one of my favourite directors that I love to look at for inspiration is Alejandro Jodorowsky.” She went on to describe that her most recent series was based on “shapes” and “jigsaw puzzles”. She stressed the fact that she was interested in how we fit into spaces and the world like the pics of a jigsaw puzzle into one and other.


Like all of the students presenting at the exhibit, the quality of Finnan’s work was incredible. Salford seems to be a veritable spring of talent. Even compared to the art colleges of Japan, I have blown away at the sheer level of work these students are putting out. I wish all the students who have worked so hard well.

Jade Finnan

I am a recent graduate from Salford University and studied Fashion Styling and Image Making. My Photography style is very abstract, I like to look at the strange and unusual and tend to look at Abstract art at lot of the time for inspiration as well as films and music, one of my favourite directors that I love to look at for inspiration is Alejandro Jodorowsky. My recent series of images was based on the idea of shapes and how we fit into spaces and into the world like a jigsaw puzzle.

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