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Kriss Soonik Holiday Series

Text:Yuzuka Kawaguchi
Translation: Nonno Hasegawa

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指揮をとったのは、独特ののセクシーさとガーリーな雰囲気を表現し、モデルからも支持が高いヘアメイクアーティストのSACHIKO氏。自身初となるトータルディレクションに携わり、そのストーリーの主人公には今注目のモデルでWoolyの姉妹誌でもあるNYLON Japanにも度々登場する水原佑香を起用。


ロマンティックな、Kriss Soonikガールの東京クリスマスストーリーが完成した。

[新作商品販売概要] 伊勢丹新宿本店3階=マ・ランジェリーでのPOP UPイベント先行販売。
〒160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿3-14-1

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写真左より、レースブラ \10,800、レースショーツ \8,640、スーザンレーストップ(半袖) \19,440、 スーザンレーストップ(長袖) \19,440、他一部取り扱い国内店舗でも随時発売開始予定。

Designer:Kriss Soonik (クリス・ソニック)
エストニア、タリン出身、London College of FashionにてMAを取得。
Madame VとAgentProvocateurのマーケティングからデザインを担当していた経歴 を持ち、自身のブランド‘KrissSoonik’を2008年に設立。
Instagram:@krisssoonik @krisssoonik_japan

Kriss Soonik appoints Yuka Mizuhara for their Christmas season model.
Surreal photo shoot with the latest hot Japanese creators.

The brand Kriss Soonik extends the 21st century fashion industry beyond normal clothing. With a mixture of lingerie and everyday clothing, they adopt the idea of both in one. Designer Kriss Soonik makes dream come true for “A Cool Japanese Crew”, featuring this year’s Holiday series.

Director SACHIKO is well known in the modelling industry for her unique expression in sexiness and girly vibes. As her first directing, she appointed Yuka Mizuhara to take lead of this season’s Kriss Soonik’s holiday story. Yuka Mizuhara has been in various media including our sister magazine, NYLON Japan.

Creator crew features Sayo Nagase, a photographer not only known in Japan but outside the country, promoting her unique photos there. Wooly Magazine have featured her multiple times in the past years. Nina Utashiro was appointed as the stylist in this project. With no boundaries, she is also well known as an editor as well as a model in this fashion industry.

The story is set in stone, the Tokyo Christmas story, produced by the precious, Kriss Soonik. Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 3rd floor Ma Lingerie will have Kriss Soonik’s sexy, red holiday season items on presale from Wednesday 2nd of November to the Tuesday, 8th of November. Holiday exclusives are to be on sale at authorized sellers later on.

Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 3rd floor, Ma Lingerie; Pop up store presale.
Dates: November 2nd Wednesday to November 8th Tuesday
Hours: 10:30 ~ 20:00
Location: Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 3rd Floor, Ma Lingerie
〒160-0022. 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, JPN

dsc_5155 dsc_5166 dsc_5160

From left: Lace Bra ¥10,800; Lace Shorts ¥8,640; Susan Lace T shirt Top ¥19,400; Susan Lace Long Sleeve Top ¥19,440. Holiday exclusives to be on sale at authorized sellers later in the month.

Designer: Kriss Soonik
Born in Tallinn, Estonia. Attended London College of Fashion to complete her masters in arts (MA). Her past experiences include marketing and design at Madame V and AgentProvocateur. Kriss Soonik founded in 2008.
Official Website:
Instagram: @krisssoonik @krisssoonik_japan