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Asia Millennial Designers Fashion Show

Text: Sawa Kamishima
Translation:Yuka Shimayoshi

11月3日(土)福岡・大丸天神店エルガーラ・パサージュ広場で行われた「Asia Millennial Designers Fashion Show」をWooly編集部が取材。
“Asia Millennial Designers Fashion Show was held at Daimaru Tenjin in Fukuoka, on November 3rd.


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10月31日(水)〜11月6日(火)に開催された「TENJIN FASHION WEEK 2018」にてアジアの次世代を担うデザイナーによるファッションショー『Asia Millennial Designers Fashion Show』が行われた。台湾から「CHERNG」、「TRAN 泉」の2ブランド、福岡在住のデザイナーからは「Arnev」、「Quantize」の2ブランドが参加。

「TRAN 泉」





“Asia Millennial Designers Fashion Show”, featuring designers leading the next generation in Asia, was held at “TENJIN FASHION WEEK 2018” during October 31st to November 6th. From Taiwan, the two brands called CHERNG and TRAN, and Arnev and Quantize from Fukuoka joined the show.

The stylish and monotone styling is shown here. They fascinated the audience by the design with the contemporary element and matured hint.

They are superior at utilizing the character of textile. The styling makes this cut-off-denim hat especially not only casual but also on street.

Arnev means a constellation of rabbit: With bunny hats, they show a charming and refine silhouette and embody the beauty. The combination of wintery colors and attractive styling also should be noted.

The styling on the left is called “sucre file of the queen,” and on the right is “cotton candy on Saturday.” The black and blue lace of sleeves, which change the taste depending on from where you look, and the elegant lining you can see when the wind blows are very beautiful, showing femininity and sweet atmosphere.

This fashion show was held outside and many people just passing by stopped and were amazed by florid creation and styling.