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Photo exhibition “about:blank” by Kisshomaru Shimamura

Text/Editor:Mariko Idehara
Translation:Yuka Shimayoshi
Photo:Kisshomaru Shimamura

Receiving a lot of attention both from the fashion scene as well as the art scene, young talent Kisshomaru Shimamura’s new exhibition “about:blank” is currently held at W+K+! We had a talk with him about the talk event he will be having together with a philosopher on February 3rd.




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Wooly vol.26の表紙を撮り下ろした写真家嶌村吉祥丸の写真展”about:blank”が、自身でキュレーションを行うW+K+にて2/10(土)まで開催中。




●Kisshomaru Shimamura | 嶌村 吉祥丸
主な個展に “Unusual Usual”(Portland, 2014)、”Inside Out”(Warsaw, 2016)、
“who you are”(Tokyo, 2017) など。

共著書にBeyond Superlatives(Cambridge Scholars Publishing)、

●Photo exhibition “about:blank”
日時: Jan 26th (fri) – Feb 10th (sat)
Talk Event:18:30~20:00
写真×哲学 トークセッション

東京都目黒区上目黒 1-5-8

Kisshomaru Shimamura, a photographer taking the cover of Wooly vol.26 holds a solo exhibition “about: blank” at W+K+, curated by himself, until February 10, Saturday.
Based on the concept of “about: blank”, which means displaying the blank, the photos took around the world are exhibited at this exhibition. You can imagine that the scenery out of the frame when you see his works.

At the talk session on February 3, he will have a conversation with a philosopher. “I’ve been thinking about more philosophical matters than others from when I was little,” said Kisshomaru, reflecting this coming event.

“People from various backgrounds such as students, artists, and business workers are going to join this event. It would be chaotic in some sense to have an opportunity that those who live different days get together and talk to each other. I express and share my opinion through photography. It would be my pleasure that all visitors to this exhibition find out or feel something and bring it back to home, just as we can find something new through a conversation with others.”

Audiences can join this talk session, so it would be nice if you experience to perceive something with his works.

●Kisshomaru Shimamura
From Tokyo. Works in a various fields of photography such as fashion magazines, advertisements, and catalogues. His previous exhibitions include “Unusual Usual” (Portland, 2014), “Inside Out” (Warsaw, 2016), “who you are” (Tokyo, 2017).

●Koji YOSHIDA, Ph.D.(Philosophy)
2014-2017 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Tokyo).
2017- Cross Philosophies, Ltd. CEO.
Publication(Book Chapter): Beyond Superlatives (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014),
Riso (Riso-sha, 2014)[In Japanese], etc.

●Photo exhibition “about:blank”
Date: Jan 26th (fri) – Feb 10th (sat)
Talk Event: 18:30~20:00, Feb 3rd (sat)
Photography×Philosophy talk session with Koji Yoshida, co-hosted by Spirale, a philosophical salon of TWCU
Place:W+K+ 1-5-8, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo