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Sofia Coppola vol.01

Text:Mariko Idehara
Translation: Narumi Watanabe
Photographer:Karolina Höglind
Editor:Mariko Idehara

2月23日より公開の最新作『The Beguiled』の監督ソフィア・コッポラが来日!
The film director of Sophia Coppola came to Japan for the latest film “The Beguiled” which will be released on 23rd February 2018 in Japan. She talked about the romance seen from female perspective, which differs from the book.


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カンヌ映画祭 女性史上2人目の監督賞を受賞したソフィア・コッポラが最新作『The Beguiled/ビガイルド 欲望のめざめ』のプロモーションのため約4年3ヶ月ぶりに来日!

今回で6作目となる『The Beguiled/ビガイルド 欲望のめざめ』は、今までのソフィア作品のポップでガールなテイストとは異なり、繊細でエレガントな底知れない愛の物語だ。アメリカ南部の世間から隔絶された女子寄宿学園に暮らす美しき7人と敵対する北部の軍兵1人がある森の中で出逢う。負傷した彼の世話をすることとなった彼女達。少女から淑女まで異なる世代の7人が各々のスタイルで愛を彼に語る。彼の純粋さと裏腹にそれはいつしか危険な愛へと展開していく。

舞台となる南北戦争時代について、彼女は「以前からその時代を生きる女性たちに興味があり、そこに存在した男女間のパワーズラブを描くことで現代にも通じる愛物語を描きたかった」と語った。本作は、1966年に書かれたトーマス・P・カリナンの小説『The Beguiled』が原作だ。リメイクの形ではなくあくまで主人公のリアルな心情を女性の視点で表現することに努めたという。今まで以上にドラマティックな内容だった為に、できるだけ人間味が損なわれないように、自分が主人公だったらどうするかを意識して取り組む姿も伺えた。


■The Beguiled/ビガイルド 欲望のめざめ
2018年2月23日(金)TOHOシネマズ 六本木ヒルズほか全国公開

上映情報 2017/アメリカ/93min
原題:The Beguiled 
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Sophia Coppola, the second female film director who received the Director Award at Cannes, came to Japan after 4 years and 3 months for the promotion of her latest film “The Beguiled”.

This 6th film is, distinct from her past pop, girly films, a story of delicate and elegant love. The seven beauties living in a remote girls-school in Virginia during the American Civil War meet an injured enemy soldier of the North in the forest. The seven females of different ages start falling in love with the man in different ways. Contrary to his naïve intention, it leads to a dangerous love.

About the setting of the Civil War, she says “I had been interested in the life of women of that time, and I wanted to depict a romantic story of today by casting the relationship between the men and women of that time”. This work attributes to Thomas P. Cullinan’s novel “The Beguiled” of 1966. In the process of remaking into a film, Coppola focused particularly on depicting realistic emotions of the characters seen from the female perspective. Since the story was more dramatic than ever before, she carefully considered what she would do if she were in the positions in order to retain the story humane.

The guest actress Tamiyo Kusakari who described this film “beautiful and severe”, said “Even in those scenes with no words, we can painfully feel their feelings. I feel so much thoughts of the director in those unique visual expressions”. The humor, the beautiful scenery of the South, and character’s gorgeous dresses are also something we cannot miss. The film will be released on 23rd of Feburary.

■The Beguiled 

Directer : Sofia Coppola
Cast :  Nicole Kidman
    Kirsten Dunst
    Elle Fanning
    Colin Farrell
Information:2017 /America/93min

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