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Sofia Coppola vol.2

Text:Zara Alice Hinton
Translation&Photographer: Mariko Idehara
Editor:Mariko Idehara

ソフィア・コッポラ最新作『The Beguiled/ビガイルド 欲望のめざめ』の制作現場の貴重な瞬間をカメラで捉えたアンドリュー・ダーハムをお迎え。2人のトークイベントが開催された。
The latest work “The Beguiled” by Sofia Coppola Talk event was held with Andrew Durham who captured the precious moment of this movie.




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最新作『The Beguiled/ビガイルド 欲望のめざめ』日本公開のプロモーションにて、ソフィア・コッポラとアンドリュー・ダーハムとのトークショーが行われた。そこでは彼女の監督デビュー20周年を記念して、彼がソフィアの映画制作の現場を数年かけて撮影したメモリアル・フォトブック、‘SET PICTURES – Behind the Scenes with Sofia Coppola’のお披露目がされた。


この写真集では、コッポラ最新作の映画『The Beguiled』の制作現場を捉えた瞬間が特集されている。撮影はニューオリンズに実在するメイドウッドプランテーションハウスで行われ、彼女は自身の性格やスタイルを忠実に描こうとする一方で、南部のゴシック様式を表現しきることが一つの挑戦であったと指摘する。それは、エンターテインメントとアートのバランスをとる新しい物語の語り方となった。特に注目を集めたのは、女性キャストの白いドレス衣装だ。彼女は、正確にデザインされているだけでなく、現代の観客に親しみがあり魅力的であることにも注意してコスチュームを選ぶことにもこだわったと語る。





■SET PICTURES Behind the Scenes with Sofia Coppola

ソフィア・コッポラ(序文) アンドリュー・ダーハム(写真)
ジョゼフ・ローガン(デザイン) 林央子(編集)

『The Beguiled/ビガイルド 欲望のめざめ』 公式サイト

Currently promoting her lastest movie ‘The Beguiled’ in Japan, Sofia Coppola alongside Andrew Durham held a talk event showcasing the movie and the newly released photobook ‘SET PICTURES – Behind the Scenes with Sofia Coppola’; an intimate collection of snaps taken by Durham over the years on Coppola’s movies.

First meeting in the 90’s, when Coppola was 18, Durham has been a presence behind the camera, documenting the down time and in-between moments of film making that are usually overlooked on-set. Having an eye for detail like Coppola herself, she says Durham’s friendly personality and openness is key to the relaxed and natural atmosphere captured in his images.

Featured in the book are moments from Coppola’s most recent release ‘The Beguiled’. Filmed in New Orleans, on a real plantation house, Coppola notes that a challenge came with mastering the Southern Gothic genre whilst also trying to stay true to her own personality and style. A new way of storytelling plays a balancing act between entertainment and art. Particularly striking is the white dresses of the female cast, and Coppola notes that the costumes were designed to be accurate but also chosen specifically to be relatable and appealing to a modern audience.


Uncompromising in her style since the beginning, Durham notes the only changes in Coppola over the years he’s known her has been her confidence and evolving of techniques, and becoming a mother. They have a long and close relationship, and the intimacy is evident in Durham’s work. Early in her career the snap shot style heavily influenced Coppola, helping her find her voice, and that influence is owed, she says, to the Tokyo photo culture she discovered when visiting here in 90’s..
Andrew Durham’s snap shot moments are compiled together for the first time in this latest release, which is out now.


■SET PICTURES Behind the Scenes with Sofia
Release date:February 2, 2018 (Fri)

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