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Crossing Over

Text: Narumi Watanabe
Photographer: Narumi Watanabe
Styling: Tomoka Matsui
Hair&Make:Kaori Yoshida


Crossing Over

    若干16歳にして過去に世界のKENTO MORIや菅原小春との共演経験をもつ、ダンス界の新星kEnkEn。 衣装に身にまとった彼のダンスが魅せるものとは?
    FASHION×Newcomer in dance scene, kEnkEn


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Photo Collection

若干16歳にして確立したスタイルを持つ、今大注目のダンサー。VIBE JAPANを含む多数の大会で好成績を収め、国内外のツアー、コンサート、MVに出演。過去の共演者にはKENTO MORIや菅原小春などの日本を代表するダンサーや、AI、E-girls Ami、和田アキ子、SMAPなどの有名アーティストを含む。最年少でシンガーソングライター岡村靖幸の振り付けも担当。

Have you ever heard of a word“Gesamtkunstwerk”?
It is a German word meaning a total work of art that synthesizes the elements of music, visual arts, architecture, dance, etc.

When fashion meets dance there will be a brand new mode of expression.

Photo Collection

A 16-year-old dancer, known for his unique dance style. After winning dance competitions including VIBE JAPAN, he has been performing in multiple music videos, concerts, domestic and international tours. kEnkEn has shared stages with the most known Japanese dancers such as KENTO MORI and Koharu Sugawara, and celebrities as AI, E-girls Ami, AKIKO WADA and SMAP. He is also the youngest choreographer of Yasuki Okamura a Japanese singer song writer.

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