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THNK in Brooklyn, New York

Text: Stacy Robinson
Translation: Narumi Watanabe

Let me introduce a nice museum in New York which always leads the world’s trend.
It must be good because Stacy, who is an energetic contributer in New York, picked it out.
Why don’t you enjoy the “real” art from overseas without a guidebook?


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ニューヨーク、ブルックリンにあるTHNK 1994 Museum の創立者は、ポップアート愛好家Matt Harkins と Viviana Olenコンビ。このコミカルな仲良しキュレーターたちは、セレブやリアリティーTV番組の一コマを、笑えるアート作品やグッズに変えてしまう。
このミュージアムは二人が1994年のTonya Harding 、Nancy Kerriganスキャンダルへの好奇心を形にしようとした際に始まった。 彼らのコミカルな見解は後に本格的なミュージアムの創立へと繋がった。「ミュージアムは冗談で始まりました。私たち二人にはただ、25フィートの廊下付きアパートと、ESPNで特集されてたTony Hardingへの共通した執念がありました。」それ以来ミュージアムは The New York Times や Rolling Ston といった有名出版社から高い評価を受けてきた。あのParis Hiltonもこのミュージアムへの期待をツイッターで共有している。

THNK 1994 は、初回の展示タイトルTanya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan 1994 に由来している。
この立案者コンビは、Laura Collins, Natasha Winter-Best、Pia S, Randy Glance、Heather Rohne、 Julie Wier、 Lindsay Montgomery、その他多くのアーティストとのコラボレーションを果たしている。

過去の展示には、Olsen Twins Hiding From the Paparazzi、Nicole Richie’s 2007 Memorial Day BBQ、そしてYama Kippi Yay Bo (Kim Cattrallとのコラボレーション) などがある。。

「まだ2018年度の企画は公表していませんが、中には“Courtney Love Photo-bombing Other Celebrities” や “An Exploration of Dolly Parton’s Wigs”といった夢のような展示もあります。」


The pop-culture aficionados behind Brooklyn, New York’s THNK 1994 museum are best friend comedic curators Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen who’ve turned celebrity and reality TV moments into hilarious art pieces and collectibles.The museum came about when they found a way to express their curiosity of the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan scandal in 1994.Their comedic outlook eventually turned into a full-blown museum. “The museum started as a joke, we had a 25 foot long hallway in our apartment and a shared obsession with Tonya Harding after we watched an ESPN documentary on her”, said co-creator Harkins. Since then, the museum has received amazing recognition from notable publishers like the The New York Times and Rolling Stone . Paris Hilton even shared her excitement of the museum on Twitter.

The first exhibit Tanya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan 1994 gave the museum their name THNK 1994. The mastermind duo collaborate with artists and creative such as Laura Collins, Natasha Winter-Best, Pia S, Randy Glance, Heather Rohne, Julie Wier, Lindsay Montgomery and many others. “We’ve met so many incredible artists and collaborators who helped us make it reality – thanks to the Internet. Each exhibit brings more artists and kindred spirits to the museum”, said Vivianna. “We are now additionally focusing on unique artist management and our t-shirt line. There are still so many exhibits we want to do and so many people we want to work with and so many themes we want to explore and we would love to pop up in different cities.”
Past exhibits were Olsen Twins Hiding From the Paparazzi, Nicole Richie’s 2007 Memorial Day BBQ, and Yama Kippi Yay Bo (A Celebration to Kim Cattrall).
“We haven’t announced our 2018 slate yet but some dream exhibits include “Courtney Love Photo-bombing Other Celebrities” and “An Exploration of Dolly Parton’s Wigs”, the co-creators mentioned.
Their event game is strong, and you can check them out on Instagram. Their in house and online gift shop is the best, you can shop the one of a kind art pieces and collectibles here THNK1994.