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Kyoto Calling

Translation:Narumi Watanabe
Editor:Ayaka Yoshimura

Kyoto has continuously been transmitting diverse culture and art scenes. Now its momentum is stronger than ever worldwide. Came alone from Taiwan to this city is a super art curator, Chingann. Why does she live in Kyoto? Why do people choose Kyoto? With Chingann, Wooly walked around Kyoto to find the answer.


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寺町通りにある雑貨屋 Petit à Petit は、伝統的京都と海外のモダンなテイストの融合を感じられる最高の例だ。



・petit a petit (雑貨屋) 〒604-0992 京都府京都市中京区藤木町32
・先斗町(飲み屋街) 京都市中京区
・寺町店(印鑑ショップ) 京都市中京区寺町通三条上ル天性寺前町522番地

Have you ever have a feeling that all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you just really want to be in Kyoto?  It’s a symptom once you ever set foot in this old city.

I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunities to move here while the whole world seems all talking about “Kyoto lifestyle”.

I feel Kyoto is the “Hogwarts” in Harry Potter, and I’m the young Hermione, who came from a Muggle family and is eager to fit in the magical world. Kyoto for me is a big maze full of wonders, you get lost in it, then find yourself amazed by the things you never pay attention before.

Those small specialty shops are my favorites. There are many 職人 who dedicated to one special thing, and there are people who appreciated it and keep pursuing the product from generation to generation and make the business continues. Stamp specialty shop for example, where you can find the finest jade stamps and the modern goofy ones, no wonder it attracts tourists from all over the world.

Although Kyoto is an old city remain the old time charm, it’s a city with an open-minded mindset that embraces the foreign culture from the western world. Petit a petit on 寺町通for example, it’s the best combination where traditional Kyoto meets modern foreign tastes.  You’d be delighted to spot some Japanese images that were hidden in the French design style.

As a non-Japanese point of view, I also find it quite interesting a street like 先斗町, that is full of restaurants and bars would be so quiet even when it packed with tourists and locals. I guess this is how Japanese mentality reflected the streets. You need to be respectful once you’re out to the public, especially a city with a rigorous attitude and graceful aesthetics. 

Feeling Kyoto is calling you? Maybe it’s a good time to move here just like me!

・petit a petit (General Store) 32, Fujikicho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto,604-0992, Japan
・Ponto-cho(Bar Street) Bunkyo-ku,Kyoto
・寺町店(印鑑ショップ) 522-6,Tenshojimaecho,Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi,Kyoto, 604-8081, Japan