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Interview with auto moai

Text/Interview: Eri Machida
Translation: Narumi Watanabe

今回は、目黒にあるギャラリーImpact HUB Tokyoで個展を開催中のイラストレーターauto moaiにインタビューを行った。
This time we interviewed an illustrator auto moani whose solo exhibition is currently taking place at the gallery Impact HUB Tokyo in Meguro.


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今回の個展は今までで1番力を抜いてやっているような気がします。なので作品も今までのものに比べて穏やかでぼんやりしてるのに注目してほしいです。今回個展を行うImpact HUB Tokyoもコーヒーを飲みながら作品を見れるようなフラットな感じなので気軽に作品を楽しんでほしいですね。



■auto moai solo exhibition「NOWHERE」
[closing party] 日時:2017年12月2日(土)
会場:Impact HUB Tokyo
東京都目黒区目黒2-11-3 印刷工場1F

What is the story behind the title of the exhibition “Nowhere”?

It is simply how I have been feeling. I want to escape from where I am now but don’t know where to.

Why do all the women you illustrate all don’t have their eyes ?

I started to abandon the facial parts because I hated how my works were judged based on cuteness of their faces.Even if you dress up differently and try to be distinctive, once you are seen from a distance you won’t be recognized since your face is blurred. I thought that by zooming up this phenomenon there will be an ironic image.

We heard that you participated in te book fair in Taiwan.

Yes, but I didn’t actually go there. I selected my works and exhibited them. It was my friend’s suggestion. The work had to be 1000g in total which is too small for the painting so I decided to exhibit 2 kinds of zines. I want to go to Taiwan too next time.

Do you have any artist that your are interested now?

I am interested in NAZE (@naze.1889) who did the solo exhibition at ANAGRA in September. She has something that I don’t have.

Tell us the highlight of this exhibition.

I think that I have put the least amount of effort for this exhibition, in a good sense. I want you to feel the calmness and vagueness of the works. Impact HUB Tokyo is also a very relaxing place where you can have a coffee and chill while looking at the works. I also want you to know that this time they are all hand-drawn.

What is your future plan?

There isn’t anything particular yet but I am currently working on an art book.