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Text/Edition: Mariko Idehara
Translation: Zara Hinton

スタイリストをはじめ、多彩な分野で活躍中の熊谷隆志がディレクターを務めるアパレルファッションブランドGDC。今回、GREEK GRITをテーマにした2018SSを発表!
Active in various fields, styling just being one of them, Takashi Kumagi works as the director of clothing fashion brand GDC. This 2018SS collection was created under the theme ‘GREEK GRIT’!


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来年20周年を迎えるアパレルファションブランドGDCより2018SSコレクション“GREEK GRIT”が届いた。





  • コレクションの中でも、印象的なネイビーとホワイトのガウン。


    粗い砂粒を意味するGREEK GRITは、夜空の星屑にも見える。デザインに隠された新たな神話を探りながら、ぜひ手にとって欲しい。

    店舗 : November 23〜26 (12:00-19:00)
    オンライン : November 23(19:00)〜30(19:00)

    GDC, reaching its 20th anniversary as a brand next year, have dropped the 2018SS ‘GREEK GRIT’ collection.

    Day and night, shore and sky, grains of sand and stardust, myth and historical fact.

    The design are playfully infused with the essence of this uncomfortable juxtaposition from two contrasting concepts.

    Greece, unanimously depicted in reverie by artists, now sets the stage for this collection. Even in this modern age, the fascination surrounding the birthplace of myths has not been lost.

    This season gives way to lame and graphics that pay homage to the Greek mythology. The star logo of GDC is fittingly like that of the North Star used as a landmark in the ancient times.

  • Within the collection itself, there are these impressive navy and white gowns.
    These pieces with the tetradachm coin motif, could be really fun if worn like yukata with an obi. The stardust studs surrounding the coins create a refreshing look.

    At the same time, the coin-motif of the shirt and pants features the goddess Athena, with her face of overwhelming beauty and courage.

    In addition to this, there’s a lot of things that can be worn as unisex, like 90’s hoodies and side-line chinos.

    GDC has an established easy to wear silhouette. The name alluding to the coarse grains of sand, within GREEK GRIT stardust can also been seen.
    New myths can be found, hidden in the design. I want people to hold the clothes and search.

    In- store and online, advance reservations are now being taken.
    Store : November 23〜26(12:00-19:00)
    Online Store : November 23(19:00)〜30(19:00)