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『THE VOID』Exhibition By Sayo Nagase

Text:Narumi Watanabe,Maria Takahashi
Photographer:Narumi Watanabe
Editor:Mariko Idehara

写真家永瀬沙世の個展「THE VOID」が表参道のGALLERY 360°にて開催!
Photographer SAYO NAGASE’s solo exhibition 「THE VOID」 at GALLERY 360° in Omotesando!


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現在Gallery 360°で行われている写真家永瀬沙世の個展、『THE VOID』。



■永瀬沙世個展「THE VOID」
OPEN:MON-SAT /12:00〜19:00
会場:GALLERY360° 東京都港区南青山5-1-27 2F

1978年兵庫県生まれ。東京をベースに活動するアーティスト、写真家、ヨモギブックス主宰。現在まで8冊の写真集を制作。「Asphalt & Chalk」(2011年) と「PINK LEMONADE」(2013年)はパリを拠点とするストックホルムのLIBRARYMANから出版された。2016年に発表された『CUT-OUT』は、今回と同場所であるGALLERY360°(東京・表参道)にて開催された。

Currently at Gallery 360°, the exhibition “The VOID” is held by photographer Sayo Nagase.
At this exhibition, Sayo releases a series of photographs that had been kept for a decade and recaptured through microscope.
The photographed object is actually the legs of a girl. The first one is unlike the next, and your eyes are continuously drawn to the charming lines that are reproduced over and over in in an exquisite way.

The display is totally different from any other photo exhibition. If you look down on the floor of the white space, there are photos shining like diamonds, floating in the crystal clear water.

It almost feels as if you are drawn into the space itself. This is more than just a photo exhibition indeed. It is more like an art installation, or a completely new experience.
This week, might be the best and last timing for you “feel” with your body the universe of Sayo Nagase.

■Sayo Nagase Solo exhibition ‘THE VOID’
Tarm: 9 November – 20 November 2017
Open: MON-SAT /12:00〜19:00
Location: GALLERY360° (5-1-27-2F,Minamiaoyama,Minato-ku,Tokyo)

Born in Hyogo, Japan in 1978. Photographer and artist based in Tokyo, as well as the head of Yomogi Books. Nagase has released 8 photobooks until this day, including “Asphalt & Chalk”(2011) and”PINK LEMONADE”(2013), which were released by the Paris based Stockholm publisher LIBRARYMAN. Her previous exhibition “CUT-OUT” was released in 2016 at GALLERY360° (Omotesandō, Tokyo).