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Text/Photo:Mariko Idehara
Translation:Yuka Shimayoshi

NYLON JAPANが手掛ける《NEW AGE CENTER-NYLON JAPAN MADE-》が先週GWに開催された。元American Apparel 渋谷レディース館の跡地に突如現れたピンク一色の「NEW AGE CENTER」。そのセンターの中をのぞくと…ホットなyoung達が!
“NEW AGE CENTER –NYLON JAPAN MADE-” was held by NYLON JAPAN during last golden week. The all-pink “NEW AGE CENTER” suddenly appeared on the site of American Apparel. When you saw inside of it… there were full of the hottest young.


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ニューエイジな「it BOY&GIRL」が集まるカルチャーセンターをテーマにしたアートショップは、テーマカラーのピンクで輝く。


2Fは韓国ECセレクトショップ“ANNAHL”がPOP-UPショップを開催。NYLON JAPANとコラボした<>は、赤と青のかわいいロゴが特徴的。


作品のキャプションにも作家のインスタアカウントが入っているのも、NYLONが手がけるART EXHIBITIONならではだ。魅了されたファン達のタグ付けによって、彼らの作品は海をも飛び越える。
NEW AGE CENTERは「かわいい!私も参加してみたい」そんな女の子や男の子のキラキラした願いを叶えてくれるドリームランドだ。


The art shop under the theme of a culture center where “It boys and girls” gather up was painted with a theme color pink.

On the first floor, there were “NEW AGE ART BABY”-themed art works or the collaboration products between ART BABY and KaneZ Tokyo.

19 artists –they are illustrators, photographers, graphic designers and art directors- from all over the world like NYC, Paris, London and so on gathered there. Their works who get the huge number of followers from the world on Instagram stir the girls’ emotions that they want to decorate their rooms with them.

The pop-up store of ANNAHL, Korean EC select shop was on the second floor. SEOULAND collaborated with NYLON JAPAN has a characteristic logo with red and blue.

Some selfie spots were set up, and the pictures took by girls & boys were beamed all over the world from the art center through their own SNS in real time.

Anybody can deliver their works of photos or illustrations to the end of world through Instagram. It is recently common to introduce their recommended artists on Instagram as well. “Tagging” is a useful tool to share their favorites with a separated friend. The account names are included in the caption of each artists is unique of this art exhibition by NYLON. Tagging by fascinated fans can make the works overcome even the ocean.

“NEW AGE CENER” was a dreamland where a starry dreams of girls and boys come true.