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The Long Excuse

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出演:本木雅弘/竹原ピストル 藤田健心 白鳥玉季 堀内敬子/池松壮亮 黒木華 山田真歩/深津絵里
原作・脚本・監督: 西川美和

製作:『永い言い訳』製作委員会(バンダイビジュアル株式会社、株式会社AOI Pro.、株式会社テレビ東京、アスミック・エース株式会社、株式会社文藝春秋、テレビ大阪株式会社)
原作:「永い言い訳」(文藝春秋刊) 挿入歌:手嶌葵「オンブラ・マイ・フ」
制作プロダクション:株式会社AOI Pro. 配給:アスミック・エース
(C) 2016 「永い言い訳」製作委員会 PG-12

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“When his wife died, he never once cried. The love came later.”
The latest film by Miwa Nishikawa “The Long Excuse” will be released on October 14th (Fri.)


A man who lost his wife and children who lost their mother. Their unexpected encounter leads them to build a “new family”.

A famous writer Sachio Kinugaki learns that his wife and her best friend are dead due to the contingent accident while traveling. He was with another woman when his wife died. However, he has no choice but to publicly perform the role of bereaved spouse. One day, Sachio meets his wife’s best friend’s bereaved family Yoichi and his two children. Since the father works the late shift, Sachio impulsively offers to care for the children. Akari, who attends a nursery school and her brother Shimpei, who is about to give up taking the entrance exam for a high leveled junior high school. He eventually finds it happy to live for someone else and his wasted life begins to glisten…


“You should respect a person who loves you. You should not look down or regard them as inferior.”
In the latter half of the film, Sachio (Masahiro Motoki) says this to Shimpei, who lost his mother, because he was giving the back to his father(Pistol Takehara), who works at night and do little housework. Sachio has started to really love his wife (Eri Fukatsu) after losing her while he was with another woman (Haru Kuroki). Now, he really feels it’s too late to realize the importance of people around after losing them. The words hit the 6-grade-boy’s heart because Sachio was like a teacher by negative example.
According to the director Miwa Nishikawa, she wanted to make a story that represents a “collapse of a daily life” after experiencing the big earth quake in 2011. How do people, who regret not having said something to someone, make an “excuse” in rest of their lives? She took one year to complete the film because she knew it’s almost impossible to blanch over the growth of children. She is definitely right because we can see the innocent children becoming more and more powerful and strong as the story moves on. It is also worth noting the beautiful screen images which was filmed with a 16mm film camera. The movie makes us realize the importance of people around us. Surely you should add this to the list of movies to watch in this fall!!

Cast:Masahiro Motoki/Pistol Takehara/Sousuke Ikematsu/Haru Kuroki/Kenshin Fujita/Tamaki Shiratori/Keiko Horiuchi/Eri Fukatsu
Director/Script Writer:Miwa Nishikawa

Production:”The Long Excuse” Production Committee (BANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD.、AOI Pro.、TV TOKYO Corporation、ASMIK ACE, INC.、Bungeishunju Ltd.、Television Osaka, Inc.)
Original Work:”The Long Excuse”(Bungeishunju Ltd.)
Sound Track:Aoi Teshima 「Onbura・Mai・Fu」
Production Company:AOI Pro.
Distribution:ASMIK ACE
(C) 2016 ”The Long Excuse” Production Committee PG-12

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