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drama H.P.FRANCE 8th anniversary

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2008年に新宿で誕生し、日本のクリエイターたちと共に日本のクリエイションの魅力を国内外に発信してきたジュエリーショップ ”drama.H.P.FRANCE” は今年2016年9月に8周年を迎える。

「8」という数字は漢字にすると縁起のいい末広がりの「八」、また永遠を表す「インフィニティ(∞)」の意味合いも持つなど、大きな力を秘めたラッキーナンバーで、drama. H. P. HRANCEのロゴも幸運の願いをこめて八角形があしらわれている。
この8周年という特別な瞬間を祝うべく、drama H.P.FRANCEを代表する人気ブランドやデザイナーたちによるdrama H.P.FRANCEのために作られた特別アイテムを発売することになった。



19 un-neuf (アンヌフ)
遊び心のあるデザインが人気の19 un-neufは今回、「8」をモ チーフにした二連のリング、八角形のピアスなどを発表。素材は主 にシルバー925、18金。

hirondelle (イロンデール)
「8」をテーマに、8種類のチェーンを使用し、ネックレス、ブレ スレット、ピアスをデザインしたモダンなコレクション。素材は18 金、リングにはダイアモンドが使用されている。

Luce macchia (ルーチェ・マキア)
ガラスの素材をベースに、透明なコンテンポラリージュエリーを発 表しているLuce macciaは、人気のネックレスにシーズンカラーで あるネイビーを使用。

GNUOYP (ニュピ)
国内の工場を使い、MADE IN JAPANのモノづくりを世界に発信す るバッグブランド。男女問わず人気の定番のボタニカル柄がシーズ ンカラーのネイビーで登場。コットン / PVC加工。

drama H.P.FRANCE 新宿店ルミネ新宿店1 2F drama H.P.FRANCE横浜店ルミネ横浜店 1F
drama H.P.FRANCE梅田店阪急うめだ本店 1F CINEMA H.P.FRANCE恵比寿店アトレ恵比寿 本館 4F (一部アイテムを除き展開) CINEMA H.P.FRANCE大阪店 LUCUA 1100 3F (一部アイテムを除き展開)


hirondelle (イロンデール)
19 un-neuf (アンヌフ) GNUOYP (ニュピ)
Luce macchia (ルーチェ・マキア) C.A.D. (シー・エー・ディー) Tatsuo Nagahata (タツオ・ナガハタ)


drama H.P.FRANCE

Along with the Japanese creators, “drama.H.P.FRANCE”; a jewelry shop born in Shinjuku in 2008, have been sending out the fascination of Japanese creations towards both and abroad, and now it is about to reach its’ 8th anniversary in coming September.

The number “8” has a meaning of good luck when it is formed in Kanji with a spreading out shape. It also

The number “8” when written in kanji has a spreading out shape symbolizing good luck, and it also has the meaning of “infinity” which symbolizes eternity. Number 8 is a lucky number veiled in a strong power and therefore the logo of drama H.P.FRANCE uses an octagon shape with a hope for fortune.
The leading brands and designers of drama H.P.FRANCE has created exclusive items to celebrate the special 8th anniversary, and those items are going to be on sale.

All items are designed just for this anniversary year, all having high individuality. These items vary from the number 8 motif to those items using the color navy; the image color for this season.

Why not visit the exhibit-shops mentioned below and look for a jewelry that will perfectly suit you.

it is one of the popular items with a fanciful design. A duplex ring with the number 8 motif, and an octagon shaped earrings have being released.
The material is mainly silver-925, 18gold.

A modern collections displaying the number 8 as the theme. Using 8 types of chains, a necklace, bracelet, and earrings are being designed. The material is mainly 18gold, and diamond is used for rings.

Luce macchiaUsing glass as the basic material, this brand has been releasing a crystalline contemporary jewelry. They have added navy, the season color to its popular necklace collection.

It is a bag-brand using domestic factories, this brand has been sending out MADE IN JAPAN artwork towards the world. The botanical design which is supported by both women and men are now releasing its new design in navy. Processed in cotton・PVC

Drama H.P.FRANCE Shinjuku, LUMINE Shunjuku-1 Second Floor. Drama H.P.FRANCE Yokohama, LUMINE YOKOHAMA first floor. Drama H.P.FRANCE Umeda, Hankyuu-Umeda the main store, first floor. CINEMA H.P.FRANCE Ebisu, Atre Ebisu main building, fourth floor (some items are excluded). CINEMA H.P.FRANCE Osaka, LUCUA 1100, third floor (some items are excluded)

Price range
20000 yen ~ 70000 yen

Brands participating
19 un-neuf   GNUOYP
Luce macchia   C.A.D. Tatsuo Nagahata

Exhibit season
From September 1st , 2016

drama H.P.FRANCE


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