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The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original episode 4 JAPAN

Text:Kenta Ogino Translation: Natsuko Fukai


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世界各地で愛され続けられているリーバイスのパッチに刻まれているブルージーンズの誕生日を記念し、501®ムービー3部作「The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original」の続編となるエピソード4『JAPAN』が公開されている。





本編には、クリエイティブ・ディレクター/ NIGO ®氏をはじめ、NEIGHBORHOODデザイナー/滝沢伸介氏、BEAMS 社長/設楽洋氏、United Arrows and Sonsクリエイティブ・ディレクター/小木“ Poggy”基史氏、AMBUSHの共同創設者/Verbal & Yoon、リメイクアーティスト/ダレン・ロマネリ、「GQ JAPAN」「VOGUE JAPAN」インターナショナル・ファッション・ディレクター /ジーン・クレール、FUMIKA_UCHIDAデザイナー/内田文郁氏など、原宿カルチャー牽引者やビンテージジーンズ有識者、世界で活躍するデザイナー、そして海外のパイオニアたちのインタビューが収録されている。

LEVI’S is a brand which is being loved from all over the world. Such brand will be Celebrating the birthday of Bluejeans also written on the LEVIS’s patch, by presenting episode 4 “JAPAN” which is a sequel of the 3rd 501® movie “The 501®Jeans: Stories of an Original”.

The movie will be documentary based, featuring Japan as a country of diverse culture fused together being the leading country. It will be illustrating how the arrival of the Jeans in Japan has created vintage and Americanization in the 1990s, as well as how the flourished Jeans culture in Japan mainly from Harajyuku as a “holy ground” of fashion has influenced America and to the world.

It is an episode which makes you believe that 501® is not just a pair of jeans but as a type of culture as a source of inspiration for everyone.

Jeans, which everyone would have worn once in their life. If it is a culture and daily usage within our life, we can possibly say that Jeans is our “lifestyle” and the history between us must be deep.

Why don’t we at least once get exposed to such “History of Jeans” and “Jeans and Japan”.

This movie consists interviews from figures leading the Harajuku Culture, experts in vintage jeans, designers actively working around the world, and pioneers, starting with the Creative Director NIGO®, NEIGHBORHOOD designer Shinsuke Takizawa, the president of BEAMS You Shitara, Creative Director of United Arrows and Sons Kogi”Poggy” Motoshi, Co-founder of AMBUSH Verbal & Yoon, remake artist Darren Romanelli, International Fashion Director of “GQ JAPAN” and “VOGUE JAPAN” Gene Krell and Designer of FUMIKA UCHIDA Uchida Fumika.