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Text/Translation:Makoto Kikuchi

Suggestion from Wooly Magazine to wear like this in this season.
Wooly Magazineからスタイリングの新提案。

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Model:Madeleine Iona
Hair and Make-up:KATO
Photo:Sayuri Murooka
Styling:Makoto Kikuchi
Special Thanks:MELANGE Harajuku

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T-shirt ¥5,000・Bustier ¥5,900(共にMelange Harajuku)
Choker 参考商品(Maman de Luna)


MELANGE Harajuku
渋谷区神宮前6-16-2 マンションミクラ101
営業時間: 12:30〜20:30
tel: 03 6433 5331

Kind of like theory does exist, when you wear leather Jacket or Jeans. So it is with T-shirts.

If it is a new one, wash it 2 or 3 times before you wear.
Don’t wear the T-shirts of bands which you’ve never listened to.

“I think you need 3 years after you buy it to wear the UT nicer.”
This is the theory which I learnt from one of “city boys”.
And it is to the point.

T-shirt ¥5,000、Bustier ¥5,900(Melange Harajuku)
Choker(Maman de Luna)*not for sales
Skirt(stylist’s own)


Melange Harajuku
6-16-2 101, Shibuya Jingu-mae
open: 12:30〜20:30
tel: 03 6433 5331

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