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“Call Me Machina”@ KATA

Text:Risa Yokogi
Translation:Natsuko Fukai
Photo:Munehide Ida


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今回のライブは、元Open Reel Ensembleのメンバーである佐藤公俊と難波卓己から成るユニット”Mother Tereco”とコラボをし、ElectronicaとArtでつながった独創的な世界が繰り広げられた。

始まりは”Mother Tereco”のライブ。


アンコールは”Mother Tereco”も登場し、深い愛情をテーマとした新曲”bpm 89″を披露。音、光、映像そして声。すべての演出が一体となって私たち観客を瞬く間に包み込んだ。迫力満点の”Call Me Machina”@ KATAはこうして幕を閉じた。

Appel GirlとしてYouTubeに動画を公開し世界中を驚かせたYeo Hee(ヨヒ)のソロプロジェクト。iPhoneを駆使したレディー・ガガのカバー動画はあっという間に拡散。YouTuberの先駆けとなる。作詞作曲アレンジまで手がけた初のセルフ・プロデュース作品「Hear Me」をリリース後、ハンドメイドによるミュージックビデオ「I Am You」を公開。モデルとして、Mac Fanカバーガールやロッテ「キシリトールガム」CMに出演。花王ソフィーナ「プリマヴィスタ」CMソング(ユーリズミックスのカバー)を歌うなど活発に活動。音楽だけでなく映像も手掛けるニュータイプの宅録女子として話題に。

MACHINA Official Website
MACHINA Official twitter

MACHINA 1E.P. /Hear Me
[Apple Music&iTunes]全世界配信中

MACHINA 2nd E.P.「タイトル未定」


Here she is, the versatile girl who encharmed the world

Machina’s first independent live. Large number of fans gathered in the venue KATA, located in Ebisu, that many of them had to stand and watch. This live was collaborated with Kimitoshi Satou and Takumi Namba, who is currently the member of “ Mother Tereco” and before used to be the member of Open Reel Ensemble. They have created an original atmosphere with the connection between Electronica and Art.
The live started with Mother Tereco’s live.The electric sound jumping out from the hardware of modular synth gathered into a line, but at the same time it created various tempos.The world created with the sound, light and projected video, was unrealistic, drawing in the whole crowd. The power of sound only created by the electronic music was felt, that even the audiences were moving together with the rhythm of up-tempo music.
With an interval, the live moved on to Machina. People were not being able to fit into the venue regardless of moving the chairs forward. Everyone was locked on to Machina’s looks and voice. 7 songs sang in three different languages of Japanese, English and Hangul revealed her multi-talent. Even though the sounds weren’t at their best sates due to the controller compilations, it was covered by her characteristics and elegant voice, heating up the atmosphere even more.
For encore, Mother Tereco also appeared, presenting a collaboration in which the theme new song “bpm 89” was deep love.Sound, light, and projected video became into one, instantly enwrapping the audience. “Call Me Machina @KATA” closed its curtain with enthusiasm.

MACHINA was solo project of Yeo Hee, who surprised the world by introducing herself as Apple Girl on YouTube. Her cover of Lady Gaga’s song by the effective use of iPhone instantly spread, becoming a pioneer YouTuber.After releasing “Hear Me” which was self-produced, she has released her handmade music video “I Am You”. She is actively involved in modeling, by being the cover girl for Mac Fan, and being in the commercial of Xylitol. What’s more, she sings Eurythmics’s cover for Kao Sofina’s commercial “Rpimabista”. She became popular as a new type of girl who not just do music but also video recording.
Long waited 2nd E.P. will be released on 7th of September.

MACHINA Official Website
MACHINA Official twitter

MACHINA 1E.P./ Hear Me [Tower Record] CD Currently on sale in main shops all over Japan & Online. [Apple Music& iTune] CD on sale

MACHINA 2nd E.P. “Title to be announced”
Date of release: 7th of September 2016
Sales Agency: yhmusic
Selling Agency: PCI MUSIC
P/ No. YHM-002
Price: undecided

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