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Who’s the Next Top Artist? vol.02

text:Makoto Kikuchi, transration:Marino Murata


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Before 恐ろしいジャングルから…

moeneさん(@moene_2000)が投稿した写真 –

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Moene Kamiya






Moene Kamiya

Born in 14th March, 2000, in Aichi, Japan. She is a Japanese high school girl and an artist.
Her art works are ranging from collage to illustration and paintings.

“My daily life is full of worries. I always think too much, and my head feels completely full.
That’s why I can understand people’s internal struggles. But, I don’t want to be crushed by those worries.
Even if I have sadness inside, I like things and people who are overflowing with life.
I think that’s what jazz is like. Experiencing and knowing about lots of things.
Nobody can walk the exact same path as another person, so there are as many stories in the world as there are people.
Those stories eventually become tied together.
My example is the great wide ocean, where all living things exist together, and they have depth because they’re connected.
Jazz players practice diligently so that they can give a performance on stage which can never be heard anywhere else.
By expressing the tension of the music without being constrained by preconceived notions, their world expands freely, and I feel like they carry people’s hearts to another place.
I think they create a sense of the cosmos within people’s hearts.
Through that kind of connection, the ocean is also reborn as part of the cosmos. It’s impossible to measure just how thick, how layered, and how much meaning the world holds.
These ideas bring relief my heart. I love the moving world.

I want to take this accumulation of moments that we call life, including both dreams and reality, flexible yet direct, sensitive but strong, and do something to make a new shape out of it.
Now is a time for learning, so I want to study the things I like to exhaustion. By taking photos and writing, I want to make a record of myself and the world of today.
What I think is that, in 10 years or 100 years, the world may have taken on a completely different form.
I discovered digital collage when I was in love with fashion and graphics. I still love it now.
When I was in junior high school, feeling somewhat sheltered, I enjoyed making collages to release the world inside my heart into a space that felt somehow unreal.
Taking photographs of the real world and arranging them in a collage gives birth to a new world that has never been seen before.
I find it interesting how often meaning would arise through coincidence. It feels like surrealism or a science fiction novel.

From now on, I want to discover new and broader ways to express myself through my work.
I am studying fine art at high school.
As I study every day and work through small hardships, I’m able to see new things I couldn’t see before.
I think that drawing and making things with my hands is the best way for me to express myself.
In order to make new things, without shying away from challenges, I want to continue studying.
If I am able to create a new sense of value for myself, that would be the best!”

-Moene Kamiya


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