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Kyushu wave Vol.1

Interview:Misato Yano
Translation:Makoto Kikuchi
Photo:Tsukio Nakanishi

Kyushu waveがついに始動。


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Creative Jungle in Hita.






日田 シネマテークリベルテ

大分県日田市三本松2丁目6-25 日田アストロボール2F


The chime rang in a school-like way, telling that the film was starting. Cinema Take Liberte is a movie theatre which is located at Hita, Oita prefecture of Japan.
Nowadays, the movement that a lot of creative leader extend their fields to work is observed here and there. And it can be seen here, Liberte. This is the place where many artists come together from all over this country and try to promote their art works.

What is going on at Liberte is not only movie screening but also talk shows, music lives, art exhibition or something so creative. In addition, there is a store dealing with ceramics, CDs or something. All of them are put on in a really “messy” way. Customers find something nice from those of “stuffs”. This is like treasure huntings. Surprisingly, all goods were made by Mr. Hara, the owner of this art space.

“I think we need a space to chat after watching the movies. Each films have different way to see from different observations. That’s why it’s meaningful to discuss the review and exchange the opinions. In such discussions, people can find the way to respect other peoples perspectives!” Mr.Hara saids.

Regardless of the ages, gender, occupations or lands they are living in, tons of people gather in this place. Mr.Hara is kind of key person to attracts everyone.

It takes an hour and half to get to Hita from Fukuoka by bus. In Hita there are a lot of historical things. It is obvious that a lot of creators would have the opportunity to promote themselves from this place, like cross roads and jungles of creative culture.
It can be imagine, in this moment, the chime rings and people are talking with each other at Liberte.

Hita Cinema Take Liberte

2-6-25 Sanbonmatsu, Hita, Oita, JPN

closed:every Fridays


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