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Girls Artalk 3rd Anniversary Event

text,translation:Makoto Kikuchi
photo:Sayuri Murooka


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アーティストの年齢は幅広く、WOOLY ARTSからは10代の若手ホープの神谷萌稲が出展した。



In general, “arty” women tend to be regaded annoying or to face some problems in their lives.
Imagin a woman who loves arts and go to museums quite often. Though she want to enjoy walking aroud the galerry, she coldn’t do that and had to mind about her friends. Obsessed with such a annoying situation, soon she get to the exit gate. Honestly she wold love to buy some art books at museum store and read them at nice cafe. But unfortunatly “fun” hanging out are waiting for her. So she gave up the books and buy a few postcards instead.

When she asked to introduce herself, she would say “I like to go museum on the holidays.” And then she could hear some men whispering and laughing “Oh she is a geek.” Those men must have learned a wrong formula that museum is kinda inferrer culture. Wait, what the matter if I were a “geek”?

Maru is a founder of Girls Artalk, which is information website about art exhibitions. She says, “I just wanna make a opportunity for girls to have chatting about arts. I wanna make arts more casual topic to talk about.”
“Casual” atmosphere makes people gathered. Gossips couldn’t be made at the gorgeous guest room.

In this event, girls made arty gossips with neighbors and made a huge movement. This is the obvious fact that when the girls gathered, something should happen.

8 artists participated this event and held exhibition. Including San Sugiyama who did a workshop and A.Y.A, a singer-song-writer who play music live for closing, 10 artists involved this event.
Surprisingly, one of such artists, Moene Kamiya is still a teenager!

Eating a piece of baguette, girls were enjoying girls-talk, actually, girls “artalk”.


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