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Julian Klincewicz solo exhibition「Yum」

サンディエゴ在住のマルチメディアアーティスト、Julian Klincewiczによる初の海外個展「Yum」開催

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COMME des GARÇONSがサポートしていることで話題のロシア人若手デザイナー、Gosha Rubchinskiy(ゴーシャ・ルブチンスキー)の2015-16AWコレクションのバックステージ映像を手掛けるなど、スケーター、ミュージシャン、モデルとしてだけでなく、クリエイターとしても活躍し注目が高まっている、サンディエゴ在住のマルチメディアアーティスト、Julian Klincewicz(ジュリアン・クリンスウィックス)による初の海外個展「Yum」を開催します。


Julian Klincewicz solo exhibition「Yum」
会場ROCKET(住所:渋谷区神宮前6−9−6 電話番号:03-3499-1003)
オープン時間:12:00-20:00 会期中無休 入場無料

オープニングパーティー 4/3(金)18:00-20:00

The first International exhibition of multimedia artist Julian Klincewicz, “Yum” is a multimedia atmospheric work and installation that explores the human connection to ‘precious object’s’ within a specific context (2:00am) – how they shape our environment, how they influence our quality of life, how they form or deform an atmosphere, and how pieces of other people’s lives present a microcosm of our own experiences (whether real or fictional.)
Split into three different primary aspects, the work is comprised of a collection of poems “Turtle Neck, True-Blue, and Snake”, a Zine “Yum”, and two songs (“Dunes (Indiana)/Japanese Baseball”) cut onto a limited edition cassette tape. Each piece builds off of the last, exploring different concepts and experiences such as Isolation, Love (as it manifests itself in different contexts and connotations), and transformation in relationship to stagnation, figurative immigration and cultural immersion. The three aspects reference and meld into one another – The Literary building off of the Visual, the Visual contained by the Auditory, the Auditory influenced by the atmosphere created from the two former, and so on, creating one cohesive work.
All three aspects are presented through a specific uniform mode – a black bag. Using photographs and memorabilia from a single source of inspiration – a found box of photographs that sheds light on the lives’ and development of the Fos’, a Filipino family that immigrated to San Diego Via the US Navy in the 1940’s, and their integration into US culture (as seen through events, ceremonies, locations, and objects). This window into another family’s life via their physical remnants, served as one of the main inspirations and catalysts for the project as a whole, and is used as a means to creating a specific connection to each work, based on the individual viewers experiences and associations.

A combination of new and existing video works by Julian explore a variety of subjects, all contained by the over arching themes of repetition as a means to (artistic) communication, and juxtaposition of objects to their symbolic interpretations. They work as an in-motion visual expansion to the Atmosphere created by he physical objects – “Yum.”

Julian Klincewicz solo exhibition「Yum」
Ehibition Date:April 3-7, 2015
Time:12:00-20:00 Free

Opening Reception: April 3, 2015 6PM – 8PM

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Julian Klincewicz(ジュリアン・クリンスウィックス)



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