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Chinese Puzzles

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『スパニッシュ・アパートメント』(01年)『ロシアン・ドールズ』(05年)。あれから10年経った今もなお観客の心を射止め、未だ絶大な人気を誇る、代表的なラブコメディフランス映画のシリーズ最新作の完結編がついに公開する。 若かりし恋愛の日々に別れを告げ、2人の子供も持ちすっかり落ち着いた40歳のグザヴィエ。作家の仕事もそこそこ上手く行き、人生順風満帆と思っていた矢先、突然妻に離婚を迫られることになる。妻子を追いかけてNYで暮らすことになったグザヴィエ。そのNYでもまた様々なトラブルに巻き込まれていくことになる。深刻な事態をもコメディにかえてしまうほどのユーモアな世界観と軽妙で滑稽なNYを舞台にしたフランス映画に乞うご期待!



原類:Cassa・teco chinals
コピーライト:(c)2013 Ce Qui Me Meut Motion Picture CN2 Productions・ STUDIOCANAL RTBF France 2 Cinema
公開情報:2014年12月6日 (土)  Bunkamura ル・シネマほか全国順次ロードショー

Spanish Apartment (2001) Russian Dolls (2005). 10 years have passed since the last iteration of the series captured audiences hearts, yet still Xavier’s story remains popular. Now finally the last chapter of the French romantic comedy series has been published. Leaving the day to day love of his youth, we follow Xavier, a successful writer with two kids at the age of 40. Just when he thinks he has found peace and happiness in his life, his wife decides to file for divorce. Xavier now decides to move to New York, in pursuit of his wife and children. But once again, Xavier finds himself embroiled in new various troubles, in a new city, all for the pursuit of love. Watch as humor and wit make you laugh in beautiful New York, but also as you feel for Xavier in a love story anyone could relate to.


The movie’s strong points are definitely its witty undertone and overall comedic story. There were many times where i found myself laughing uncontrollably in the middle of the theater. Even though it was a French film, it was shot in New York. I think that this was because of the fact that a more international, typical location can give more appeal to a wider base audience. Troubles coming from the inability to think about other people are a core theme, but the hero does not become someone tragic, rather, he stays interesting and funny. He is a hero that you cant help but love. In addition, in spite of the fact that this movie comes as part of a series, the story remains interesting and funny, even without watching the first two movies. The plot is witty and quick, this tragic comedy never gives off a dull moment. After watching this movie, I couldn’t help but think, “Life is interesting precisely because do not know what will happen!” The movie is really about positivity. I encourage everyone to see this film.

Director, Screenplay: Cédric Klapisch
Cast: Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou, Cécile de France, Kelly Riley
Original Title: Casse-tête chinois
Distribution: Aya Pro
Foreign Distributor: Mimosa Films
Supported by: French Embassy
Subtitles: Terao Jiro
Copyright: (c) 2013 Ce Qui Me Meut Motion Picture CN2 Productions · STUDIOCANAL RTBF France 2 Cinema