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Interview with Grant Singer

text:Sayuri Sally Sekine
photo:Grant Singer

独特な世界観で観る者を魅了。ロサンゼルスを拠点とする若手大注目フィルムメーカー、Grant Singerにインタビュー
Interview with Grant Singer, up-and-coming younger film maker who attracts people by his unusual world view.

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“Ruins”というアーティストかな。( )

-日本の音楽業界に対するGrant Singerさんの意見を聞かせてください。


-What is three things that you find is important in your work as a film maker?

Having a vision and the ability to execute it.
Being able to tune out what your peers are doing and making things that are unique to yourself.
Working with incredibly talented people in all areas of production who are kind and creatively ambitious.

-Is there something that you always keep in mind while making your films?

Being honest to myself and what the ultimate vision is.

-Do you have any Japanese artist that you are interested in and you would like to make the music video?

Ruins ( )

-What is Grant Singer’s opinion about the Japanese music market?

I think it’s cool. Would love to work in Japan!


Grant Singer

彼のショート・フィルム、IRLとYouth MuseumはMoMa/PS1やアンディ・ウォーホル博物館で上映されたことがあり、Sky Ferriera、Ariel Pink、Foxygen、Little Dragon、DIIVのミュージックビデオを制作している。作品にはKendrick Lamar、Jhene Aiko、そしてChief Keefが出演している。今までにArtForum、DAZED&CONFUSED、V magazine、Riot of Perfumeになど様々な雑誌に掲載されている。

Grant Singer is an artist and filmmaker. His short films IRL and Youth Museum have been screened at MoMa/PS1 and The Andy Warhol Museum. He has directed music videos for Sky Ferriera, Ariel Pink, Foxygen, Little Dragon, and DIIV among others. His photography subjects have included Kendrick Lamar, Jhene Aiko, and Chief Keef. His work has been featured in ArtForum, DAZED&CONFUSED, V Magazine, and Riot of Perfume. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


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