Text: Karolina Hoglind
Photo: Yuya Shimahara

By fusing modern communication and art, traditional culture is brought into the modern era with the Thai shoes brand, HORSELEGMARKING

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今世界中で注目されているファッションブランドSRETSISの母国と、クリエイターが数多くいるタイは最近アジアのファッションシーンの中で話題になっている。そんな中、東京の代々木体育館で今年二回目に行われたRooms Linkでデザインの展示をしているブランドの中に、タイから来た最先端の靴のブランドHORSELEGMARKINGと出会った。また今回は取材と共に代官山ギャラリーALにてShootingを行った。


「セミブーツのやわらかい素材に馬の足首の裏に見られる白の模様を合わせHORSELEGMARKINGは繊細なコミュニケーションとアートの自由な形態を探し求め、細かい伝統と文化を表に引き出している。」 ーデザイナーChalisaさん

‘Triangle Hawk’ ‘良い易動度’ はE-taenの概念ポイントで、簡素化された鷹と幾何学的な三角形のパターンばかりに、蛍光色とコンストラスティング色のミックスの特徴を持つ。
E-taenシリーズには現在三つのデザインがあり、‘Triangle Hawk’のほかに、‘Rectangular Diamond’(長期耐久性)、‘Circular Butterfly & Flowers’ (農業施設完成)がある。


With many creative designers, Thailand is an upcoming country in Asia’s fashion scene with brands such as Sretsis, which has lately gained lot of attention world-wide. Two weeks ago Rooms Link was held at Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo for the second time this year and one of the brands to display their products was the new, fresh, shoe brand HORSELEGMARKING from Thailand. Together with them we had a Wooly Shooting.

With the founder and designer Chalisa in the lead, HORSELEGMARKING is a Bangkok based brand with its name based on the unique individual white marks that horses are born with. The concept behind the shoes from their latest series comes from the traditional vehicle, E-taen, a Thai craftsmanship truck used by farmers in the north-eastern part of the country. While being built to be able to handle the rough land routes, the truck and its engine, is used for various agricultural purposes from pumping water to use as a container for the harvest. The decoration of an E-taen is mainly based on a balanced geometric symmetry pattern based on shapes such as hawks, diamonds, butterflies and flowers while the colors are very vivid and they’re always hand-painted.

“With design of flexible semi-boot pattern, outline of horse leg stitch and attachment of white leg marking symbol, HORSELEGMARKING comes seek for free form of communication and art, bringing a fine character of individual tradition and culture at the backyard to the front.” Designer Chalisa

‘Triangle Hawk’
“Good mobility” is the conceptual telling of E-taen, featuring simplified hawk and geometric triangle shape as well as appealing in fluorescent and contrasting colors mix. “
In the E-taen series there are currently 3 designs. Apart from the ‘Triangle Hawk’, there is also ‘Rectangular Diamond’ (“long durability”) and ‘Circular Butterfly & Flowers’ (“farming facility completion”).
From here on, Thailand is one of the countries worth keeping an eye on for fashion in the future, as well as the future designs of HORSELEGMARKING. Even for people who are so far not well-acquainted with Thai traditions can enjoy their remarkable designs and at the same time get a better understanding of a foreign culture. This way, with the help of new creativity and fashion, traditional culture can keep on living in a world that constantly is moving forward.




“Live in cultural consciousness” – Motto for HORSELEGMARKING
Based in Bangkok, ‘HORSELEGMARKING’ is the fondness of conceptual communication for individual folksy cultural interpretation in form of free prints and decorations, and in the presence of symbolic sneakers.

brand & product showroom: www.horselegmarking.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/horselegmarking
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