Text:Makoto Kikuchi
Translation:Yuzuka Kawaguchi

Gapが手掛ける音楽プロジェクト、1969 RECORDSのフィナーレを飾ったミュージックフェスをリポート。The music festival that appeared in the finale of 1969 RECORDS, the music project run by GAP.

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ジー・エー・ピーでGap。若者の象徴、ジーンズとレコードのお店は、まるで世代の境目(Generation Gap)を飛び越えるかのようにその後多くの人に愛されるようになったことは言うまでもない。

8月9日、代官山UNITにて360°VIRTUAL MUSIC FESが開催された。Gapが手掛けるミュージックプロジェクト「1969 RECORDS」の一貫として行われたこの音楽ライブは、VR技術を駆使した360°撮影できるカメラを通じてライブストリーミングされた。


人気バンドnever young beachの登場を、会場は待ってましたと言わんばかりに迎えた。「夏がそうさせた」と、溶けたアイスみたいな歌声で歌う。花火大会の帰りの電車で、うっかり遠距離恋愛中の彼女がいる男友達の肩に頭を乗せたまま、終点まで寝過ごしたと言っていた友達にこの曲を送ってあげたい。


ラストを飾ったのはAwesome City Club。ステージ上に設置されたACCのネオンが光る。「架空の街”Awesome City”に流れるサウンドトラック」をテーマに作られた楽曲がポップに締めくくる。


360° VIRTUAL MUSIC FES Special Site

*ライブ映像の公開は、360° VIRTUAL MUSIC FES Special Site にて、8月19日よりスタート。

In 1969, a small select shop was opened in the ocean avenue of San Francisco. Now, after a few decades, everyone in the world knows the shop. G-A-P, Gap. The iconic jeans and record store for youth has become so popular that it is loved by many people across generational “gap”.

On August 9, 360° VIRTUAL MISIC FES was held at Daikanyama UNIT. The festival, one of the the parts of the music project run by Gap, was live streamed with the camera which uses VR technology to shoot 360-degree view.

When I arrived at the venue, the performance by quintet band HAPPY was already begun. As soon as I opened the heavy door, their sound echoed through my body. Every time their matching long, waved hair swings, there sprung up a kind of psychedelic mood.

At the interval, there was someone whispering “the next is Never Young Beach”.
The audience welcomed the popular band Never Young Beach at the drop of a hat. They sing, “Summer made me do that” with their melted-ice-like voice. I would like to send this song to my friend who accidentally leaned over on her friend who has got a long-distance lover when she was sleeping in the train and overslept all the way to the end of the line.

Suddenly, the vibe in the venue has dramatically changed as if someone intentionally cooled down the place. When you pour one scoop of water on the asphalt which radiates the air simmered in the heat, the air is cooled down. Then I thought, it’s about three scoops of water and commit myself to the altered atmosphere. “I seriously wanna change the music scene”, said Kohei Hukunaga, the vocal of the band, with his cool and clear eyes.

The final band was Awesome City Club. Their neon light on the stage glittered. The gig was closed by the song with virtual city called “Awesome City” as theme.

I stopped at the half pace that leads to the live space because the pictures on the wall caught my eyes. The members of the band showed humorous, carefree expressions in the pictures. I would like to tell youth in 1969 San Francisco, hanging around the select shop of jeans and records, that their beloved music, fashion and their energy are now being passed on after some 50 years later.

A web magazine run by Gap, dealing with variety of INDIVIDUAL with the root of the brand “denim” at the core. They provide readers with styling ideas and many other contents in order to enrich their daily life as an inspiration.

360° VIRTUAL MUSIC FES Special Site

The live feed will be available on 360° VIRTUAL MUSIC FES Special Site from August 19.